The Velopresso – A Pedal-Powered Coffee Bar!!


This entirely wonderful contraption is a pedal-powered espresso bar that was created by London’s Royal College of Art students Amos Reid and Lasse Oiva.

The product designers created the three-wheeled caffeine carriage with environmental sustainability in mind – it uses a camp stove to heat water and steam to power its leva espresso machine and a custom built pedal-grinder crushes the coffee beans! Just a few seconds of pedaling will grind enough beans to make

So that means it needs no electricity, has no motors and makes relatively little noise!

I can just imagine it cruising through bike lanes offering tired and thirsty cyclists warm cups of rejuvenation!

Reid and Oiva called their contraption the Velopresso – taking the French word for bicycle ‘vélo’ and combining it with espresso.
Not content with using the camp stove for hot water and steam, the designers are currently looking at ways in which they might be able to create their own fuel using spent coffee grounds.

Back in 2012 the Velopresso won the Deutsche Bank Award in Design and Reid and Oiva are currently looking at ways that their marvelous contraption could be commercially produced.









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