The OPUS POCUS Kickstarter – Introducing Kids To Classical Music Through Subversive Slapstick Stories!

The OPUS POCUS is the brainchild of London based musician and teacher Matt Parry and it is an ingenious and innovative classical music project for kids. The first CD from OPUS POCUS is Sheherazade and it features the incredible talents of respected British actor Brian Blessed and renowned impressionist and comedian Rory Bremner!

Parry started the OPUS POCUS as a means of engaging children and helping them to discover the wonders of classical music through “modern, witty, subversive, slapstick, action-packed, multimedia, bonkers stories, all very ingeniously set to the orchestral music.”
Initially Parry did have a deal to create his multimedia stories with EMI, however after their takeover by Universal Music his idea was shelved, so he has decided to turn to crowd-funding and Kickstarter to raise the money he needs to bring his idea to life.

Starring British actor Brian Blessed:
Matt Parry1

And Comedian Rory Bremner:
Parry self-released Sheherazade as a CD in 2011, it is a subversive adaptation of 1001 Arabian Nights set to renowned classical music piece Scheherazade by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov with the wonderful voice talents of Blessed, Bremner and many others.

Parry wants to transform it into a graphic novel and potentially much more beyond that and that is why he launched the Kickstarter project. His initial funding target will allow for a digital graphic novel to be created as an accompaniment for the musical story as well as providing numerous images for the interactive app, new website and musical ebooks. He also wants to get some kids workshops up and running with live shows to really engage the children. The illustrations will be by Faye Simms, whose “Practical Princess Guide” has recently been published by Templar.

The OPUS POCUS project has already raised just over £2,200 of its £9,000 target, for more information or to place your pledge, check out the Kickstarter page.

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