Got $91,500 Spare? Why Not Buy This Crocodile & Chiffon Hermès T-Shirt

Because I thoroughly enjoy mocking people with more money than sense, please check out this ridiculously priced crocodile and chiffon Hermès T-shirt, which at $91,500 costs more than a colleague education, a luxury car and could probably even be used to purchase a house!!

The item is available to purchase at Hermès flagship store in Madison Avenue and apparently lovers of crocodile skin and chiffon with large unregulated bank accounts had better move quickly if they want to get their hands on the luxury tee, because it may sell out. Then they might have to buy one of the lesser crocodile and chiffon T-shirts that are selling for the laughable $60,000 – after all, any old tramp would be able to afford one of those!

The Awl showed great courage braving Hermès strict no-photography policy when they nabbed this picture of the T-shirt’s preposterous price tag, noting that in New York City, sales tax on an item that price would hit $8,000 – imagine how many realistically priced items of clothing you could buy with just the sales tax cash!

Even if I did have a ridiculous amount of cash, there are like a million and one things that I would be inclined to buy before I splashed out on this t-shirt. Those poor crocodiles…

Image via Jezebel

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