The Last Resting Place Of The Obsolete Arcade Games

Those of you who had hoped that your former favorite arcade games went to a kind of heaven – a scrapheap in the sky specifically for retired classics, might be a little disturbed by what happened to these particular cabinets.

This set of photographs by Thomas Shultz show a number of iconic games like Sega’s Zaxxon and Atari’s Star Wars disregarded, covered in dirt, dust and other crud in an abandoned warehouse.

Shultz found them in Arizona and his series of photographs paint a sad picture of these video game cabinets’s final resting place.

Awww I really want to go round with a feather duster and a couple of bunches of flowers to see if I can’t make things a little nicer round there for them. It is, after all, the least they deserve after bringing us so many hours of joy!

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