The Hobbit & The Goonies – Fandom Mashup Trailer!

Lance Ford is the man behind this awesome fandom mashup which sees the much-loved worlds of The Goonies & The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey collide!

Ford said that The Goonies was one of his favorite movies as a child and Peter Jackson’s LOTRs movies are some of his favorites as an adult and so he felt inspired to create this geektastic merger to represent his two different fandoms and honor the release of The Hobbit!!

He took footage from The Goonies and placed audio from The Hobbit trailer to compliment it. After the initial few seconds where you feel as though you have two different YouTube videos running at the same time, the two movie worlds collide effortlessly to give you this geektastic homage piece!

Little Sean Astin aka Mikey in The Goonies and Samwise Gamgee in LOTR makes for a nice crossover in the filmdoms too!

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