Hillywood Presents the Party Hard Version of The Hobbit

Nowadays, people go through great lengths to make a decent parody video of their favorite franchise, and because of this we’ve gotten so many great parodies of our favorite (or least favorite) movies, television shows, and books. Three days ago the video The Hobbit: An Unexpected Parody went up online, and already it’s hit 100,000+ views. It basically tells the story of how the dwarves show up at Bilbo’s house and convince him to go on an adventure with them, just with, y’know, a lot more alcohol and the help of the song “Shots” by Lil Jon. It makes for an entertaining watch. (Though it may very well lead to your roommate asking why the song “Shots” has been playing on repeat in your room for the past couple days… sorry Rachel!)

You can watch other Hillywood parody videos at their youtube page, and you can also watch the entire behind the scenes process of making The Hobbit: An Unexpected Parody as well.

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