Meet Mohawk Gaz – The Guy Who Turned His Flamboyant Hairdo Into An Advertising Billboard!

Meet Mohawk Gaz, the Florida resident who has managed to turn his eye-catching Mohawk hairdo into an advertising billboard.

Mohawk Gaz, whose real name is Gasmy Joseph said he got the idea to turn his hairstyle into artistic advertising space a few years ago, when a friend asked him to help advertise his birthday party. It occurred to Gaz that spray-painting details of the party onto his outrageous hairdo would allow everyone to see it. The idea went down a storm and since then he has been spray-painting his Mohawk with all sorts of different designs and offering it up as advertising space for friends and small businesses.

A health food catering company called Deliver Lean sends Mohawk Gaz to the Miami Heat and Florida Panthers games with their logo emblazed upon his hair and so far, they say that they are incredibly pleased with the results. Deliver Lean’s founder said; “It’s been tremendous marketing…It’s great exposure, and it’s never been done before.”

To get his somewhat bizarre advertising business up and running, Mohawk Gaz, who is from Pompano Beach area, created a website that features pictures of his best works and most flamboyant hairstyles. He also distributes colorful and eye-catching flyers on his travels.

But it isn’t just about the money for Gaz however, a lot of it is about artistic expression and many of his Mohawk creations are done for his friends for free and he also wears designs purely for their aesthetic qualities including portraits like that of Marilyn Monroe or the Mona Lisa.

Amongst his most impressive hairdos to date is the basketball board with a real hoop attached to it and a studded Miami Heat logo that he proudly sported at an NBA game – he says that these designs were probably those that attracted the most attention from the public.

Mohawk Gaz says that he gets his hair done at least once a week, but can change the designs as often as 3 times a week if clients so demand it. He takes his billboard hairdo pretty much everywhere and anywhere to get exposure including parties, clubs and charity events.

He said; “I’ll do Bar Mitzvahs if you need me to…You never know where you’ll find me, and that’s the most important thing about it.”




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