The Great Showdowns – Capturing Film’s Most Fantastic Confrontations

‘The Great Showdowns’ is a new book by artist and illustrator Scott Campbell and it features a fabulous collection of the most epic confrontations in the world of film.

In the introduction, Campbell notes “Movies love conflict. Seems like there are always characters clashing against other characters in film. Sometimes characters are clashing against things like bears and dogs. Sometimes they even clash against non-living things like doors and glass and water.”

Published by Titan Books, ‘The Great Showdowns’ is a “gathering of these epic moments of conflict” presented in Campbell’s unique and intriguing style. Campbell’s illustrations are simplistic and childlike and this is part of what makes them so accessible – they appeal to the inner child inside all of us and get straight to the heart of the integral battle scenes in our most beloved movies.

Adorable little cartoony smiles adorn the faces of some of Hollywood’s most feared and reviled villains and our serious heroes suddenly get an immediately appealing smirk appear upon their countenances despite being in the most life-threatening of situations.

No genre is forgotten, you’ve got war movies, sci-fi, action, adventure, the occasional rom-com, westerns and any other type of film that you can think of!

Campbell takes these battle scenes, these ‘great showdowns’ that had us frantically biting our fingernails, hiding behind the couch, reaching for the Kleenex or holding tightly onto our mother’s apron strings and he brings them to life in a new and innovative way.

His lighthearted watercolor sketches send us diving head first into our most adored movies and makes you want to watch them all over again. Some of the confrontations you will recognize instantly, the scenes from the movies you watched over and over again, others will take a little bit more time and thought. Some you might not recognize at all and will have to ask your movie-buff mates for guidance. This is all part of the beauty of this book which takes you on a happy adventure through some of the most important conflict scenes to ever grace our movie theaters!

See an unmasked Predator grinning warmly at Dutch (aka Arnie) or Indiana Jones shooting the sword-wielding maniac in Raiders Of The Lost Ark, see Ripley in her Power Loader coming face to face with that mean and nasty Alien Queen and John McClane about to take on some mischievous-looking shards of glass.

Campbell’s ‘The Great Showdowns’ features scenes from some of my favorite ever films from The Princess Bride to Lord of the Rings, The Shawshank Redemption, Titanic, Die Hard and E.T – there are just too many to mention.

Seth Green – who has starred in a few great movies himself, said of Campbell; “his simple yet evocative style is instantly recognizable and timeless. I love his artwork!”

This book is an absolute must-have for film nerds and movie-buffs!

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