The College Majors Not To Choose If You Want A Successful Career

In a time of global recession, it can be difficult getting the kind of job you want even if you have got a good college degree behind you. We all know college graduates who are stuck without work, or having to accept employment in unrelated industries just to pay the bills. Despite this however, statistics still state that getting an undergraduate degree will still dramatically improve your employability – you are twice as likely to be unemployed if you quit education after high school. The size of the paycheck that you get at the end of each month is 40% higher for those with a bachelor’s degree too!

One thing worth remembering though, especially if you are umming and ahhhing over what majors to choose, some subjects definitely fair better than others when it comes to employment prospects and salary figures.

Personal finance experts Kiplinger have put together a list of the worst college majors you can choose if you want a successful career and surprise surprise all the subjects I like are on there!
They used data from and Georgetown University’s Center on Education and the Workforce to work out which subjects’ graduates faced the brutal combination of low compensation and high unemployment. They also used information from Payscale to figure out which subjects’ graduates went on to work in jobs that they could have got without their degree – like retail.

The 10 worst majors cited by Kiplinger were anthropology, fine arts, film & photography, philosophy & religious studies, graphic design, studio arts, liberal arts, drama and theatre arts, sociology and English.

So basically anything to do with the arts is considered a bad move!! The trouble with the majority of us arty types though, is if you tried to make us choose majors like mathematics or science, we’d probably end up failing them anyway or dropping out because we found the subjects so damn tedious.

If you want more details about the reasons why Kiplinger think these majors are the worst ones to choose, then you can find the full article here

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