The Body Part Kitchen Utensils Of Christine Chin

Christine Chin

I hope you’re not in the middle of eating whilst reading this article, if you are – I suggest you either step away from the sandwich or click away from this page and come back once your food is firmly down your cakehole!

These body part kitchen utensils were created by New York based artist Christine Chin. They are incredibly realistic and utterly vile at the same time.

The project is entitled Sentient Kitchen and explores the convergence between technology and biology. Amanda Gorence writes; “As the machines that assist our lives become smarter and more architecturally complex, they borrow increasingly from the biological realm.”

That is what Chin is going for with this collection, she has taken nature’s engineering and adapted it to form useful kitchen utensils. So you have mammary glands that dispense milk, a set of teeth as salad tongs, a tongue salt dispenser etc. It is a very clever concept indeed, but I bet you wouldn’t want any of these items in your kitchen. In fact, I think they are so gross and disturbing that they would make the perfect dinner set for a Halloween meal!

Christine Chin1

Christine Chin2

Christine Chin4

Christine Chin5

Christine Chin6

Christine Chin7

Christine Chin8

Christine Chin9

Christine Chin10

Christine Chin11

Source: Christine Chin

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