The Batman Massacre: James Holmes – The Profile

Police investigators and the media have spent the last few days putting together a profile of James Holmes, the man who shocked America when he opened fire on movie goers at a crowded showing of The Dark Knight Rises in Aurora, Colorado. Holmes, who was masked and wearing a bullet proof vest, used a semi-automatic AR-15, a Remington 870 shotgun and a 40 caliber Glock handgun to carry out the terrifying attack which left 12 dead and more than 50 injured on Thursday night.

According the latest reports, Holmes, 24, had recently dropped out of his PHD neuroscience course at the University of Colorado and because of this, he was facing eviction from his apartment.

His neighbors told TMZ that to stay in that particular apartment complex, you have to be enrolled at the university and they are very strict about this policy, regularly carrying out stringent checks. Once it has been discovered that a resident is no longer a student at the university, they are given 30 days to find alternative accommodation. Judging from the time that Holmes dropped out of his course, he would have been right near the end of the 30 day period and facing eviction when he carried out the cinema attack.

Three weeks prior to the shooting, Holmes applied to join the Lead Valley Gun Range in Byers and was denied membership because the range owner Glenn Rotkovich, became suspicious about his behavior.

Rotkovich told Fox News that Holmes applied to join the range via email and was contacted via telephone. According to Rotkovich, Holmes’ voicemail was “incoherent, just bizarre, really bizarre — slurring words, but he didn’t sound drunk, just strange.”

Rotkovich found the voicemail so disturbing that he made the decision to deny Holmes membership to the range and told his staff that if he turned up at the range, they were to call for him immediately. Rotkovich said that his application was lacking in personal information, but that he did check all the boxes stating that he was not prohibited by law from possessing firearms or ammunition and was not facing any criminal charges.

Holmes also had a profile on and you can imagine the shock and disgust felt by the user who was paired with him just a day or so after he carried out the massacre at the cinema. The user, named only as Diana, told TMZ that she had a look at her account on Friday afternoon and couldn’t believe it when she saw that the site had paired her up with the man responsible for carrying out the worst shooting in Colorado since the Columbine High School Massacre in 1999!

She explained that it was “pretty scary getting matched to a mass murderer” and said that she contacted about it and they have since taken his profile down.
Diana said that when she looked at the profile, it showed that he hadn’t been on the site in last 24 hours, so it had definitely been created prior to the movie theatre massacre. It also featured the same tagline from his profile “Will you visit me in prison.”

The profile also states that Holmes’ favorite book was “Where’s Waldo” and that “Dumb and Dumber” was amongst his favorite movies. Odd choices for someone who was intelligent enough to get on a PHD neuroscience course! He also said, “I spend a lot of time thinking about the future. Mind = blown.”

Other disturbing news from Holmes’ past reveals that he actually spent time as a camp counselor at Camp Max Straus, which is run by Jewish Big Brothers Big Sisters of Los Angeles. A counselor that spent time with Holmes at the camp said he had no idea that he had it in him to become a brutal murderer. He said: “you wouldn’t be able to tell he was a killer…I never would have thought he could kill anybody. He never was anything but nice.”

Chief executive of the Jewish Big Brothers Big Sisters of Los Angeles, Randy Schwab told the LA Times that Holmes was responsible for “the care and guidance” of 10 children. He said that during the time that Holmes was a counselor at the camp, he was not involved in any disciplinary incidents and his behavior did not raise any concerns from the camp’s management. Holmes worked at the camp in 2008.

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