“For The Win” Video That Instructs You On The Art Of Annoying Your Ex On Facebook

Just been dumped and want to get your own back on your ex? If burning their clothes or selling all their shit in a yard sale when they are out of town seems a little too desperate, then why not try some of the ideas suggested by MadeMan, in their “For The Win” video “How To Annoy Your Ex On Facebook”.

This short clip is brimming with subtle tactics you can use to irritate your former significant other, primarily by making her believe that you have another woman in your life. Interestingly, the dudes at MadeMan believe that tampons are the ultimate sign that you are in a committed relationship, which I think is particularly funny because it’s true but not something that is often discussed. Hmm, I wonder why?

There is one teeny weeny problem I can see with this clip though, for starters the “subtle” tactics will only work if your ex still cares enough about you to bother looking at your Facebook photos and status updates. If she doesn’t, she might scroll through those carefully engineered badboys at the same lightning speed one would afford posts from the dull old school friend who thinks people want to know the intricate details of what they had for lunch today. If that’s the case, then you’ve gone to a whole lot of effort for nothing!

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