Awesome Terabyte Game Boy Hard Drive

Check out this awesome one Terabyte Game Boy Hard Drive for sale on Jason Roach’s Etsy store 8BitMemory.

For just $139.99 you can get your hands on this custom made Toshiba HDD drive that is 100% powered by the USB cable and comes encased in one of handheld gaming’s most beloved devices – the Nintendo Game Boy.

This super geeky gaming homage hard drive can also be purchased in 500GB and 750GB devices and those who require the smaller storage options should contact the Etsy store directly for pricing options.

A small disclaimer for those looking to buy one of these customized Game Boy hard drives is that they are made from actual recycled Game Boys who were typically owned and played by kids – so customers are warned that there may be scratches and nicks on the screen and body. All devices however are thoroughly cleaned before shipping.

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  • Frank Bromley

    be cool if the screen actually displayed somthing