Teeny Overpriced Box Room In Japan’s Nerd Heaven!


It’s no secret that many parts of Tokyo are overcrowded and that finding accommodation there can be quite a challenge. One such area is Akihabara, which is referred to by many as “Japanese nerd heaven”

Even though apartment sizes can be small and prices quite high, the landlord who owns the guest house featured here could be accused of taking advantage of the situation!! He is charging more than $450 a month for one of the teeny-weeny, itsy-bits rooms that are pictured. I think I’ve met cardboard boxes that are bigger than these rooms!

For that price you get the room (or not much room as the case may be), a bunk bed, the space under the bunk bed, a TV and an air conditioner. The shower and WC must be shared with the others who are squeezed into similar sized box rooms in the building.


According to Kotaku who featured an article about this miniscule apartment, the rent rate is particularly high, even for the popular “nerd haven” part of town. What’s more, it was constructed in 1973, making it incredibly old by Japanese standards.

It really does look like someone has taken a normal sized apartment (meant for one or two people) and just slotted some wall-dividers and doors into it!!

Some online comments expressed the view that living a net café or a capsule hotel would be better than staying in this place and paying the extortionate rent and the general consensus seems to be that it is a total rip-off!

I’m a tad claustrophobic so I’d hate to try and stay in space like this, I’m also a hoarder and doubt I’d even be able to get even a quarter of my stuff into that room. I think I’d need a full-on rescue team armed with excavation equipment to save me from the mountain of books, clothes, DVDs, unicorn statues and other random crap I like to call my own, that I would no doubt end up getting buried under!





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