“Salacious” “Not To Published” Image Of Teenaged Princess Diana Up For Auction!


This picture that shows an 18 or 19-year old Princess Diana at a ski resort with a young man seated beside her, belonged to the UK newspaper The Daily Mirror for many years. It was taken more than 30 years ago, back in 1979/1980.

It was labeled a “salacious photo of the future princess” and shows a youthful Diana lying in bed, with a young man sat closely behind her and a bottle of Johnnie Walker on the windowsill. The photo is particularly interesting because of the “Not To Be Published” message that is written upon it, although we are not quite sure why it was supposed to be kept out of the public eye.

The man sat next to Diana was identified as Adam Russell, the great grandson of former prime minister Stanley Baldwin, who is currently a deer farmer in Dorset. Apparently, both Princess Di and Russell were injured during a skiing holiday and kept each other company while the others were out on the slopes. We have been told that “absolutely nothing happened” between the pair during this time.

This “Not To Be Published” picture has finally been published by a New Hampshire-based auction house which will be selling the photograph in the very near future.

The tabloid purchased the photograph just days before Diana got engaged to Prince Charles in February of 1981 and it was in their collection for many years before they eventually sold the 10 x8” snapshot along with others from their catalogue to the Caren Archive which has since put it up for auction.

Because of the mysterious nature of the picture, it is expected to reach a price of way over $1000 when the bidding comes to an end on the 24th January.

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