Teenage Girls Fined After Sickening Video Of Kitten Being Abused Is Posted On Facebook


Two teenage girls from the Isle of Sheppey in Kent have been fined £85 in court costs after posting a twisted video on Facebook that shows them hurling an 8-week old kitten across a bedroom, swinging its tail and laughing uncontrollably throughout the whole thing, even as the poor little creature is nearly knocked unconscious when it hits the ceiling.

The girls aged 15 and 16 were police were involved after someone saw the 36 second video and reported it to the police. They appeared in Maidstone Youth Court and were also given a 9-month referral order and disqualified from keeping animals for a year after they admitted to causing unnecessary suffering to the kitten.

A third girl, who is alleged to have filmed the cruel video, has pleaded not guilty and will be tried later in the year.

The vet who examined the tortoiseshell kitten after the terrible ordeal that took place in August, said it was a miracle that the creature did not sustain serious physical injuries, but that it must have been in huge distress.

The RSPCA have condemned the girls’ actions and said that the kitten was lucky to survive the horrific experience. RSPCA chief inspector Steve Dockery described the video as “shocking”, he said:

“The girls’ commentary on the video shows that they found their actions to be hilariously funny, which is worrying…The abuse of a young animal purely for entertainment cannot be tolerated and posting it on a social networking site sends out a message that animal cruelty is acceptable.”

Since the incident, the victimized kitten has since been re-homed with a loving family.

The video is disturbingly chilling, especially the uncontrollable way in which the girls giggle and laugh throughout the whole thing. Personally I don’t think an £85 fine is high enough and I also think that the girls should have got a much longer ban against keeping animals than 1 year. Kids like these don’t deserve to be allowed to keep pets!

Children torturing animals (and laughing about it) always gives me the creeps. It reminds me of the Macdonald Triad (or triad of sociopathy) if you prefer, in which animal abuse when presented with other traits can often lead to violent or homicidal traits in adulthood. Not saying these girls are going to grow up to be serial killers or anything, but their actions are exceedingly disturbing.

Source: Daily Mail

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