Feed Your Doctor Who Fandom Monster With This Tardis Mini Fridge!

Check out this totally awesome Tardis Mini-Fridge – an absolute must have for any Doctor Who fanatics out there. Those of you who were envious after seeing the super cool Tardis fridge created by glass sculptors Joy Alyssa Day and BJ Johnson and wanted one of your own, might be able to quiet the Doctor Who fandom monster growing inside of you by feeding it this mini replica!

It is tiny, but according to its description, it can hold a 6-pack of 12 oz. soda – so I guess that it is big enough right? Ok, so it wouldn’t replace the family fridge, but it would be perfect for a student apartment, office or similar work space!

It gets even better, not only does it make the VWORP VWORP noise when you open and close the door, but you can also change it to a heating device at the flip of switch – because no one likes cold fish-fingers and custard!!

It is available on ThinkGeek for $80 but make sure you heed the warning on the website – “don’t bring your Tardis mini fridge with you when you enter the real Tardis. We all know what happens when you put one extradimensional container into another extradimensional container!!!”

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