Tailly – The Kickstarter Project for a Fake Tail That Responds To Your Heart Rate!

Tailly is the new attachable appendage that gives you a big bushy tail that displays your emotions by responding to your heart rate. When you are excited, the Tailly wags energetically and when you are relaxed the wagging calms to a much slower motion!

So now all the doggies in the park will know straight away whether you want to play or engage in a canine battle of ear biting and neck throttling to the death!! It’s not quite as awesome as a Na’vi tail that will allow you to connect to your dragon-like creature and soar through the skies, but I guess it’s a step in that direction!

The Tailly was invented by Shota Ishiwatari, who previously worked with Necomimi to develop the cat ears that are controlled by your brainwaves that we featured on Buzz Patrol a little while back. With the Tailly however, Ishiwatari wanted to control the entirety of the product design and development so he decided to branch out on his own and fund the Tailly via Kickstarter. The project was launched on the 30th of November and has 33 days to go. So far Ishiwatari’s Tailly has raised nearly $3,000 of his $60,000 target.

If the target is met, Ishiwatari hopes to have the Tailly with customers by August of 2013 and it will come in 4 different colors white, black, brown and grey. Avatar fans will have to get the white one and do a home blue dye job!

Ishiwatari suggests that the Tailly can be worn to let your buddies know how you feel at parties or whilst playing with young children and he says “you could even wear Tailly on a date and express your true feelings through the wagging tail.” According to Ishiwatari, this would work even better if the other person on the date also wore a Tailly, because then they would add a “level of subconscious communication” between you. Hmmmm while I think the Tailly could be great fun at cosplay events or fancy dress parties, I doubt I would ever be inclined to wear it on a date, that could be awkward!

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