7 Unusual Key Covers: Your Own Keys, Now With Covers On Them!

Keys are boring, unless you’re the one stealing them and using them to take peoples’ cats.  (Dear mysterious cat-taker, please bring back my cat.  He doesn’t like you as much as he likes me.  Stockholm syndrome does not apply to cats.)

These seven unusual keys and key covers will show your personality to the world, and will spice up your life.  Right now, if I were to take a bite out of your life, it would be bland.  Because your life is bland.  You’re bland.  You need to go dress up as Spiderman and punch someone in the face!

1.  Chainsaw Key Cover

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Mike Rugnetta Looks At Why We Love Zombies On PBS Idea Channel!

Anyone who regularly uses the internet and/or watches television, will have noticed that we have been overrun by zombies! Luckily the zombie apocalypse has not yet arrived, but there have been countless TV shows, movies, websites dedicated to surviving an invasion etc springing up all over the place.

In the latest episode of web show PBS Idea Channel, host Mike Rugnetta (@mikerugnetta) looks at the recent obsession with zombies in popular culture and puts forward several fascinating theories of what these shuffling, brain-eating, cumbersome folk might represent IRL. He also looks back through popular culture history and examines what various villains and enemies were symbolic of during specific eras. Continue Reading

Epic Screen Junkies Supercut Of Zombies Getting Their Heads Blown Off

Sometimes there really is nothing better than watching zombies getting their asses handed to them to perk up your mood. So in honor of forthcoming release of World War Z, the zombie blockbuster starring Brad Pitt, Canada-based film buff Louis Plamondon or the “The Sleepy Skunk” as he is more commonly known, created this awesome supercut of zombie headshots for Screen Junkies using many of our favorite classic movies featuring the undead.

If you don’t like blood, gore and gratuitous violence, then this probably isn’t for you, but if you enjoy watching zombies having their soggy skulls blown to smithereens, then what are you waiting for, click play immediately!! Continue Reading

Awesome Video Of Parkour Performing Zombies!


Check out this brilliant video entitled “Zombie Parkour – The Flipping Dead” that features some terrifyingly skilled zombies performing parkour!

It was created by Ronnie Shalvis aka Ronnie Street Stunts and he says,

The zombie virus has evolved into a new breed of parkour zombies. No longer do they slumber as the walking dead, they are ferocious and fast, they are the flipping dead.

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California Teen Claims He Crashed Trailer Tractor Because Zombies Were Chasing Him!

19-year-old California teen Jerimiah Hartline has been arrested and accused of stealing a 3 axle tractor truck on Saturday. Hartline was then alleged to have sped off down the California Highway in the huge vehicle, clipping various other cars before jackknifing it and flipping it onto its side blocking all 4 lanes!

Hartline claimed that he had to take the vehicle and drive in such an erratic manner because he was being chased by zombies. Now young Jeremiah has either been reading the book of most implausible excuses ever that should never be given to a police officer if don’t want to serve jail time or he was high as a kite and actually believed that some brain-eating undead was hot on his tail (or shuffling slowly after him)! Continue Reading

Get Your Own Back On Zombies & Eat Their Brains For A Change

It’s always those grizzly, undead fiends shuffling around the place trying to sink their dirty, rotten teeth into our brains, but now for those of you who want to turn the tables on those ravenous creatures, there is the Zombie Brain Chocolate Treat!

Etsy store owner KnotTheOrdinary is selling these deliciously disturbing zombie brain chocolate treats and for $10 you get 6 individually wrapped zombie brains to munch on. They come with a gooey filling of which there are 3 to choose from. For those of you who aren’t so keen on the goo, then KnotTheOrdinary also does zombie brains stuffed full of rice krispie goodness!

New Trailer For BBC’s Zombie Drama ‘In The Flesh’

A lot of the time it is the U.S. that will take successful BBC shows and produce the American spin-off version, you’ve had The Office, Being Human and Sherlock to name but a few. But this time, it appears that things have gone the other way around, with the BBC choosing to create a zombie-based series, no doubt a little inspired by the success of AMC’s The Walking Dead.

It’s not so much spin-off however, as the BBC has put a unique angle on the bloody, gory zombie genre. Continue Reading

Hackers Break Into Emergency Alert System & Announce Zombie Apocalypse


Viewers of several Montana television networks were given quite a shock when hackers managed to crack network security, get into the Emergency Alert System and use it to warn viewers about the impending doom of a zombie apocalypse.

The Emergency Alert interrupted The Steve Wilkos show on KRTV and after the warning tone sounded a man’s voice informed viewers that “bodies of the dead are rising from their graves and attacking the living.”
The message tells viewers to stay tuned in for updates about what to do and warns them not to approach the bodies or make any attempts to apprehend them because they are considered “extremely dangerous”. Continue Reading

ParaNorman Zombies: The Unlikely Olympians

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if zombies were allowed to enter the Olympic Games? I mean it kinda makes sense, everyone else is allowed to take part, so why shouldn’t the flesh-gobbling undead get their shot at an Olympic Gold?

These two clips Olympic TV spots show a couple of zombies from ParaNorman, the latest creation to come from Laika studios, taking part in the Olympic Games…and they don’t seem to do too badly! Continue Reading