California Teen Claims He Crashed Trailer Tractor Because Zombies Were Chasing Him!

19-year-old California teen Jerimiah Hartline has been arrested and accused of stealing a 3 axle tractor truck on Saturday. Hartline was then alleged to have sped off down the California Highway in the huge vehicle, clipping various other cars before jackknifing it and flipping it onto its side blocking all 4 lanes!

Hartline claimed that he had to take the vehicle and drive in such an erratic manner because he was being chased by zombies. Now young Jeremiah has either been reading the book of most implausible excuses ever that should never be given to a police officer if don’t want to serve jail time or he was high as a kite and actually believed that some brain-eating undead was hot on his tail (or shuffling slowly after him)! Continue Reading

Discovery Channel Special Says Zombie Apocalypse Could Really Happen


Horror movie geeks and popular culture fanatics often talk about the zombie apocalypse and trade different survival techniques and theories. This year especially, the term zombie apocalypse has been bantered about to chronic proportions because of several cannibalism incidents that made international news.

But for most people, talking about turning your local pub into a fortress to protect you from invading zombies or reading humorous articles on the net about survival techniques is about where the extent of our preparations for the zombie apocalypse ends.

There are others though, for whom it is serious business. People who actually put a lot of time, money and effort into preparing for what they believe is an actual threat to humanity. Continue Reading

Is A Zombie Apocalypse Scientifically Possible?

Looking for a reason to justify preparing for a zombie apocalypse? Need some evidence to get your mom/spouse off your back about the odd modifications you are making to the family car or about the stockpile of canned goods in the larder – then this short video might be just what you are looking for…

Those scientific folks as AsapScience have been kind enough to explain whether there is actually any scientific chance that a Zombie Apocalypse could take place. Hold your noses peeps, because according to them, the biggest threat to us could be from a virus that attacks us through the olfactory nerve!

For more sciency-type zombie stuff – click here!

San Diego Criminal Lawyer Looks Into The Legal Implications Of Zombie Killing

Zombie survival enthusiasts out there will have thought of pretty much everything when it comes to protecting ourselves against an outbreak of the undead. Zombie-proof vehicles, stockpiles of rations, an armory, zombie-proof accommodation etc, but how many of you out there have actually considered the legal implications of zombie killing?

As a self-confessed Zombie Apocalypse survival obsessed-type I have to hold my hands up and admit that it is something that has never crossed my mind!

Now though San Diego Criminal lawyer Peter M. Liss has written an insightful blog post for the Vista Criminal Law Blog entitled “Is It Legal To Kill A Zombie In California” which should answer the majority of your legislative queries. Continue Reading

Preparing For The Zombie Apocalypse: Check Out This ‘Ultimate’ Guide

For a larger version click here

As we frantically prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse that we are all assuming is just around the creepy corner, numerous ‘survival guides’ have appeared to give us that all important advice that could save our lives when the world is overrun by those gory undead brain-eaters!

The creators of this particular infographic claim it is the ‘ultimate’ guide and whilst I am not quite sure whether I would definitely award it the accolade of being the ‘ultimate’ it does contain some very useful information for the Zombie Apocalypse survival enthusiast!

It tells you the best places in popular culture to do your research – suggesting you watch movies like Zombieland, REC, 28 Days Later and Dawn of the Dead as well as giving you an interesting reading list too. Continue Reading

Military & Law Enforcement Agencies To Train For Zombie Apocalypse

It seems that people everywhere are hurriedly preparing in case there is a Zombie Apocalypse, not so long ago it was just Zombie movie fanatics who sat in their local pubs planning survival strategies, but now it seems like everyone is getting in on the act.

No doubt this recent obsession with preparing for a Zombie Apocalypse has a lot to do with the recent cannibalism stories that have been widely reported by the international media. For a little while there it seems like crazy peeps all over the place just couldn’t stop themselves from biting chunks out of their fellow man!

Zombie Apocalypse training experiences are popping up all over the place, with people getting to test their survival strategies against actors dressed in Zombie garb and the U.S Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (C.D.C) have also made various official statements about the Zombie Apocalypse. Continue Reading

Get Your Zombie Apocalypse Training In – Special Combat Zone In Surrey, B.C!!

If you are one of those who are frantically trying to prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse that we all know is coming then the specialist Zombie Apocalypse training experience on offer at the Zombie Combat Zone in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada is a place where you might be able to pick up some invaluable survival skills.

Jen Yarnell, the Zombie Combat Zone general manager told reporters; “it’s 57 acres of the creepiest forest ever.”

Those brave enough to take on the undead get a “crash course bootcamp” which includes a briefing on the situation and some weapons training. The mission goes a little like this; it is your duty brave warrior to save the missing scientists and discover the cause of the outbreak that has seen zombies take over the world. Your only weapon is a paintball gun and your cunning survival skills! During the 45-minute experience participants are met with gruesomely bloody Zombies just desperate to get their hands on them, while the sound of gunfire and the sickening screams of the fallen pierce the night air. Continue Reading

Don’t Go Hungry During A Zombie Apocalypse

For those of you who are hell-bent on surviving the Zombie Apocalypse when it finally gets here, Geektyrant’s Zach Parks has put together an interesting “Zombie Apocalypse Food Survival Guide” full of useful advice.

Most of us will have strategies already in place, our weapons, our vehicles, our forts, our teams, but usually food isn’t one of the things we think about when we sit in the pub planning for this kind of torrid eventually…But perhaps it should be.

Let’s face it, no one wants to be running from Zombies whilst battling starvation, not only could the noise from a rumbling tummy give away your location when you are trying desperately to hide from the brain-eating fiends, but if you are planning on surviving until the army wipes them out and saves the day, you are going to have to be quick on your feet. Passing out all over the place because you are weak from hunger just makes you an easy target! Continue Reading

The ‘Black Knight’ Hummer H2 – A Vehicle Made For The Zombie Apocalypse

So do you think the person who created this seriously modified ‘Black Knight’ Hummer H2 might have a bit of a penchant for guns and weapons? I think that would be a pretty safe bet.

When I laid eyes on the ‘Black Knight’, my immediate reaction was – ‘that is the vehicle I want if/when there is a Zombie Apocalypse!’ However upon further inspection, it turns out that the numerous guns, lasers, grenades, rocket launchers and various other weapons are just non-firing replicas.

I suppose it makes sense, it’s not like you’d be allowed to drive the thing anywhere except possibly in an unstable breakaway republic that is the midst of a brutal civil war. But those kind of places aren’t really on ‘driving holiday’ destination list!

The ‘Black Knight’, which does actually look like it could be a modern-day Batmobile (if the weapon’s worked of course) is on sale on eBay for $55,000 and if it is your cup of tea – you better get moving, as there are just 3 days left!

You would have to be damn careful where you drove it though, imagine if some paranoid freak with a load of real weapons saw you coming and assumed your presence was hostile and started shooting up your ass, now that would be unfortunate, wouldn’t it. Continue Reading