Attention Lego Lovers: World’s Largest X-wing Model Now Exists


What child didn’t grow up dreaming of having their very own X-wing Starfighter to ride in? One that they could use to fly to far off distant planets (Dagobah, perhaps?), while also fighting off the evil forces of the Empire and saving the galaxy. While this Star Wars fighter is still not a reality and may never be, there is now an awesome life size X-wing Fighter Plane made entirely out of legos (complete with a lego Luke Skywalker inside), which was revealed in New York City last week.Continue Reading

Dad Builds X-Wing Bed For His Son!

Kids with geek parents have it so good, like this young boy whose dad built him this awesome X-Wing bed. The father, imgur user “DarthDaddy42” showcased his incredible creation in a photo album and it features an awesome R2-D2 co-pilot that doubles up as cooler, because if you want to be a successful Rebel Alliance fighter, then you need cold soda!

As if that wasn’t cool enough, the replica aircraft’s wings open and close so it can lock S-foils into attack position and there is a HDTV hooked up to a concealed Blu-ray player there too! Continue Reading