Awesome Fresh Prince Rap Themed Answer To Physics Homework!

When you’re trying to find ways to keep yourself entertained whilst doing your physics homework, what better way than to answer the questions in the form of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air rap?

I can honestly say that it’s not something I ever thought of doing, but this kid’s Fresh Prince-themed explanation of Archimedes’ Principle might just be the best physics homework answer I’ve ever seen! Continue Reading

Will Smith and Son Surprise Everyone on The Graham Norton Show

Will Smith visited The Graham Norton Show about a year ago, and was surprised when he was asked to sing the Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme song for everyone. Despite the fact that his old show has been off the air for sixteen years, Smith still knew all the words and was able to belt them out for the audience.

Today, Smith returned to The Graham Norton Show, this time with his son, Jadan, in tow. The two didn’t seem surprised when Norton pulled out some mics and asked for Jadan to rap, which he did as his father accompanied him by beat boxing. However, this time it was Norton’s turn to be surprise, as after the song ended Smith brought out DJ Jazzy Jeff, his old musical accomplice, and broke out into a rap of his own. The outcome of the performance is amazing, and it just goes to show that Will Smith, even at forty-four, still has it goin’ on.

Epic Slow Motion Video Of Man Getting Walloped In The Chops With Water Balloons

This hilarious short features Will Smith and Norm Chan from Tested trying out their new high-speed camera. The method in which they chose to test this high tech piece of equipment was to see how it captured footage of water balloons being lobbed at someone’s face.

Norm must have drawn the short straw, because he got to be the one having the liquid filled giant water balloons hurled at his head over and over again, whilst Will got to stand in the background commentating/throwing the balloons/holding the camera.

It’s been many years since I had a water balloon fight so I don’t know whether it is a good thing or a bad thing that the majority of the balloons that were chucked at Norm did not burst. I can’t remember what hurt more!! In any case, there are some absolutely awesome slapstick shots of Norm’s face making close contact with the balloons – so this clip is definitely worth a watch!

Source: Tested