Superhero Themed Wedding For the Win


Honestly, when done right, you can’t beat a themed wedding. They can be simply the best.

On May 11th of this year, Heather and Kim tied the knot inside the Greenville Children’s Museum. The theme of their wedding? Comic books and superheroes. It looks as if it was a beautiful event, both in ceremony and in decor. Their decorations were superhero themed, including comic strip napkin rings, the color schemes of their flowers, and vintage comic postcards for their guests to write notes on in lieu of a guestbook. Unsurprisingly, there were a lot of superhero logo t-shirts worn under jackets, just waiting to be revealed in the class Superman pose. Heather even baked a beautiful Wonder Woman and Xena themed cake. Yes, it looks like Heather and Kim’s superhero themed wedding was certainly a dream come true for them, and certainly an event to remember by everyone in attendance.Continue Reading

Epic Wedding Party Photo Features A T-Rex Chasing Guests!

There’s a lot that can go wrong at weddings, last minute jitters, a fleeing significant other, Best Man’s Speeches that are so controversial they leave any future relationship between the couple untenable, brawling families, food disasters, etc – the list is pretty much endless.

However one thing most people can pretty much bank on not going wrong on their big day, is a ravenous dinosaur descending on the wedding party and looking at the guests as an light appetizer!Continue Reading

Dude Gets Wedding Ring Delivered To Fiancé Via Quadcopter!

As interesting and unusual wedding proposals go, this is one of the best and it features Jason Muscat popping the question to his girlfriend Christina Dam at Alamo Square Park in San Francisco with the ring delivered by Quadcopter!

Jason took Christina down to the park where they have spent a lot of time together to “shoot some photos.”

Wedding photographer Chris Geiger shot the video, whilst Jason used a Canon 5D Mark II to take the pictures on the ground. The Quadcopter carrying the wedding ring also had a couple of cameras on board that provided the aerial shots that you see in the clip. The Quadcopter had a Go Pro Hero 3 and an 808 keychain camera. Continue Reading

Sir Ian McKellen to Officiate Sir Patrick Stewart’s Wedding

Looks like Magneto and Professor X are at it again, only this time under much more joyous circumstances.

Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen are longtime friends, and have collaborated on multiple projects together (namely the X-Men film franchise and on Broadway in Waiting for Godot). It was recently announced that Stewart will be marrying his girlfriend, Sunny Ozell. So who’s going to be officiating their wedding? Why, Sir Ian McKellen of course!Continue Reading

Boy 8 Marries 61-Year-Old Woman To Appease Dead Ancestors!

Helen Shabangu
In what is undoubtedly one of the wackiest weddings you will hear about for awhile, 8-year-old South African boy Sanele Masilela got married to 61-year-old Helen Shabangu (who is already married) after his dead ancestors told him he had to wed!
The wedding cost Sanele’s family somewhere in the region of £1,500/$2240 including a fee of £500/$750 that was shelled out for the bride!

The odd couple exchanged rings and kissed in front of 100 guests at the ceremony, which is not recognized by law but rather a ritual set up to appease the young boy’s ancestral spirits! Continue Reading

Geek Love: Gorgeous LOTR’s Minas Tritith Wedding Cakes

I’ve seen some awesomely geeky wedding cakes writing for this site, but I think this Minas Tirith wedding cake by Audrey Konyha Vigh might just be the best!

The detail in the piece is just amazing – I can only imagine how much effort went into creating this masterpiece. Looking at it this morning, I was filled with warm fluffy LOTR images of Gandalf and Théoden crusading in to save Faramir and the boys.

Florida-based Vigh bakes all of her fantastic cakes from her home, her dream is to have a small bakery outside of her house. You can see how jam, sponge and other cakey ingredients were miraculously transformed into this beautifully detailed Minas Tirith cake over on Vigh’s Facebook page.

Warning: Looking at this cake will make you want to watch LOTR!

Pilot Proposes During Staged Plane Crash

More proof that romance is actually deader than the dodo, is the story about pilot Ryan Thompson and his ‘different’ marriage proposal.

Ryan whipped up his own “emergency procedures” checklist the night before, took his girlfriend Carlie out on a flight and pretended the small aircraft they were flying in was about to crash after experiencing ‘unresponsive’ controls. He then asked her to read from the sheet and there, whilst gripped in paralyzing fear and wondering exactly how she was about to get splattered into smithereens on the ground below, she read the words “will you marry me.”

Absolutely ecstatic that she wasn’t about to die, Carlie said yes to Ryan’s proposal and they kiss passionately. He had a hidden camera in the aircraft recording the whole debacle and that is the clip that you see here. Continue Reading

Say “I Do” to Wanting a Weightless Wedding

There seems to be a trend of weightless weddings on the rise. Pun intended.Continue Reading

CDC Creates Wedding Day Survival Guide

The CDC has put together a series of tips and advice to help stop what should be the best day of your life turning into a major disaster. The guide is obviously a little bit tongue-in-cheek warning about what you can do if a ‘Bridezilla’ strikes and threaten to ruin the celebrations, but they do make some good points. It is also nice to see that government agencies are not totally devoid of humor!

I’ve seen so many brides-to-be turn into what resembles a giant pulsating vein of stress and anxiety caused by the pressure of organizing that ‘special day’ – so these tips will no doubt come in handy for people who like to be prepared for every eventuality.

The guide by Caitlin Shockey, mentions that for many in the U.S wedding season happens to coincide with hurricane season and with the freakishly weird weather being experienced in America at the moment, having a contingency plan in place to deal with weather anomalies can only be a good thing! Continue Reading

The Best Wedding Ever? Couple Marry Amidst Stormtroopers & Zombies

Offbeat Bride recently featured the wonderfully wacky wedding of Colorado citizens Deyanna and Dustin. Normally I find weddings to be quite tedious affairs – unless of course I am really close to the people getting married, I fail to get excited about the dresses, shoes, tiered cake or flower arrangements. But this wedding really looks like one I would have really enjoyed going to!

Deyanna and Dustin had their special day at the Gatehouse at Lionsgate Event Centre, in Lafayette, Colorado and rather than going for one specific funky theme, the couple decided to go for a mixture and dubbed it a “hodge-podge of awesome”. A fitting name indeed, when you look at their zombie head unity candle, the graveyard wedding photos that could have been from never before seen clips from Thriller and groomsmen Stormtroopers!!
Instead of the usual, (sometimes pretty boring) wedding meal the couple had a fajita bar for guests to feast from and they had 5 kegs of home-brew and 2 of homemade mead for them to quench their thirst!! Continue Reading