New Batman: Arkham Orgins Trailer Released

A new trailer  for the video game Batman: Arkham Origins was just released this week. Much like the already released trailer, we get a look into what this game will entail; however, unlike the last one, this time we get the chance to see a fair amount of game play going on. The game play is similar to both Arkham Asylum and Arkham City, which this game serves as a prequel to, and some gadgets that disappeared after Asylum will be making a return in this one as well.Continue Reading

Geek Interior Design: Intense Portal-themed Bedroom


Themed bedrooms tend to go one of two ways. If not done properly, they either come off as sad or the lair of a crazy person. However, when done right they can be amazing. Lucky for us, this Portal-themed bedroom falls into the latter category.

Created by Lauren, who credits herself as an accountant/painter/gamer/adrenaline junkie/nerd/everything enthusiast. This bedroom first began garnering attention over on Reddit, and now all of the Internet is abuzz about it. Lauren’s had some experiencing designing rooms before, but never anything so bold as her Portal bedroom. Over on her blog, not only has she shared a slew of pictures of her design and layout, but she has begun to explain how she went about getting her room to look like this. She’s showed what the room looked like before she did anything to it, some of the materials and tools she used in crafting her design, where she purchased the wall art and furniture, etc. The finished product truly is incredible. All she’s missing is the phrase “The Cake is a Lie” scrawled on one of her walls and this Portal-themed bedroom would be all set.Continue Reading

Anita Sarkeesian’s Second Feminist Frequency Video Now Available

Anita Sarkeesian is back with Feminist Frequency, this time with her second video in her series Tropes vs. Video Games. She released her first video over two months ago, which focused on the Damsel in Distress trope so often found in gaming. I was becoming worried when no second installment appeared shortly after, but now it has finally hit the internet and I couldn’t be more thankful. This second video in the series, which is funded by Sarkeesian’s Kickstarter, focuses on how violence against women is used in video games.
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Female Game Developer Calls Boss Out On Sexism Using Poster Of Scantily Clad Dude

A female games developer working at Hawken developer Meteor Entertainment had a bit of a problem with a poster that her boss CEO Mark Long had hanging proudly in the office, it featured a lady mechanic not exactly wearing much in the way of clothing and it really really irritated her.

She said

It is the first thing workers and visitors see when they enter the building and the last thing they see when they leave. This little lady’s undermeats have been the open- and close- parens to my work world for the last six months.

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Daryl Gets His Own The Walking Dead Video Game


There are two types of people in this world: 1) people who admit that Daryl Dixon is the best character on The Walking Dead, and 2) liars.

So far the only Walking Dead video game we’ve gotten was the one released in 2012, which was based off of the events in the the graphic novels. However, most of the characters were created primarily for the game and followed a different plot line.Continue Reading

Sarkeesian Row Ignites Net

The furor surrounding high profile feminist Anita Sarkeesian and the hate campaign she has been a victim of is one of the net’s hottest topics at the moment and it doesn’t look like calming down anytime soon either.

It all started when Feminist Frequency’s Sarkeesian posted about her latest project on fundraising site Kickstarter. Sarkeesian aimed to raise the funds she need to make a series of videos that explored clichéd and stereotypical representations of women in video games, which she did so almost instantaneously – however, her Kickstarter project also got her a whole lot more than funding.

It seems that Sarkeesian’s project hit a raw note with a great many gamers, who felt she was being unfairly critical of certain games and the industry in general. They took to her site making their hostility towards her video series well known. Some of these comments were merely people expressing their opinions about the project, which they are entirely entitled to have. However, it was not long before many of the comments directed at Sarkeesian took on a more sinister tone and became more of a hate campaign than a discussion. Continue Reading

This Is How Lazy Geeks Play Video Games

You know sometimes it just makes sense to say a big fuck you to the world and disappear to game land for a few hours without being disturbed.

You gotta give these geeks some credit. They sure know how to tell daylight and sunshine and their entire Sunday to go shove it.Continue Reading