Downton Zombey Riffs on Both Downton Abbey and The Walking Dead

We’ve been getting quite a bit of the paranormal-Victorian era crossover for a while now, specifically since the release of the book Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, so it’s not too surprising that someone decided to crossover the shows The Walking Dead and Downton Abbey to create Downton Zombey. Even though this new genre is starting to get a little overdone, this video is still worth watching. The style follows that of the Walking Dead original comics, while staying true to the Downton Abbey characters. Plus, if you’re a fan of the Dowager Countess (and if you stuck through all of the third season’s soap opera-y drama, then you most likely are), you’ll definitely want to check Downton Zombey out. (Warning: this video contains massive spoilers for Downton Abbey‘s third season, so if you’re not caught up then you might want to hold off on watching.)

The Walking Dead & Breaking Bad Re-imagined As TV Series’ From 1995!

These fantastic series intros were created by YouTuber goestoeleven, who imagined what hit shows The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad would be like if they aired as TV dramas in 1995. In goestoeleven’s “alternate universe”, these incredibly popular, cutting edge TV shows get the full-on 90s treatment – the cheesy music is perfect for the era and he even managed to find shots of the star actors that suit the effect he is trying to deliver. The font he chooses to display the title credits are amazingly 90s and I think that both videos are done brilliantly!

He said that he was compelled to create these videos as “homage to the terrible and amazing television intros of yore.”Continue Reading

New Trailer For BBC’s Zombie Drama ‘In The Flesh’

A lot of the time it is the U.S. that will take successful BBC shows and produce the American spin-off version, you’ve had The Office, Being Human and Sherlock to name but a few. But this time, it appears that things have gone the other way around, with the BBC choosing to create a zombie-based series, no doubt a little inspired by the success of AMC’s The Walking Dead.

It’s not so much spin-off however, as the BBC has put a unique angle on the bloody, gory zombie genre. Continue Reading

Daryl Gets His Own The Walking Dead Video Game


There are two types of people in this world: 1) people who admit that Daryl Dixon is the best character on The Walking Dead, and 2) liars.

So far the only Walking Dead video game we’ve gotten was the one released in 2012, which was based off of the events in the the graphic novels. However, most of the characters were created primarily for the game and followed a different plot line.Continue Reading

Huggable, Cuddable Walking Dead Plush Set

Nothing says “Merry Christmas” like giving your friends the gift of the Walking Dead!

These Walking Dead plushies are on sale over at Amazon for $63.24 altogether. Included in the set: Sheriff Rick Rimes, bad ass Michonne, a male zombie, a female zombie, and one grey and one black tombstone that each sport the title of the television show. You can find each of these plush toys sold separately if you do a search on Amazon as well, though it looks like you’d get your money’s worth if you just splurged and got the entire set.

Robert Kirkman & Hyundai Create A Car For The Zombie Apocalypse

We’ve all heard about the wave of horrific zombie attacks that have taken place in recent weeks. From the ‘Causeway Cannibal’ to ‘Canadian Psycho’, Alexander Kinyua the Maryland brain-muncher and several others, these horrific attacks have had ‘Zombie Apocalypse’ survival enthusiasts frantically bolstering up their survival strategies and hurriedly making last minute amendments to their plans. Continue Reading