Cat Fighter – Brilliant Street Fighter Parody Featuring Menacing Kitten Warriors!

Cat loving Street Fighter fans will really enjoy this highly entertaining parody of the classic video game that features some double-bastard-hard kittens in a battle to the death!

Created by The Pet Collective, Cat Fighter is described as kittens hashing it out in “some retro SNES fashion” with Ken and Ryu’s legendary rivalry re-imagined on feline level! Now it’s all about who stole the ball of yarn and pilfered the last of the catnip!

I found the short highly entertaining, but feel it is my duty to deliver a word of warning to those of you planning on watching it with your pets – I watched it with my kitten and then she went all Blanka on my ass! So cover their little furry faces if you don’t want them to pick up any violent tendencies!