Woman Rides On Scooter Adorned With Rifles & Skulls Whilst Pet Parrot Flies With Her!

If you thought the guy who liked riding around Madison on a scooter wearing nothing but a thong and a cape was wacky, check out the footage of this woman from Thailand.

The woman’s scooter is oddball enough, adorned with what looks like an actual animal skull and real rifles, but when you see her tearing it up on the tarmac with her little pet parrot flying alongside her before settling down to perch on the handlebars – that really tops it off and takes the whole thing soaring headfirst into bizarro land! Continue Reading

Iron Man 3 Sweded Trailer Goes Viral!

Iron Man 3 has had a hugely successful opening at the box office, heading straight to the top of film charts all over the world. But while the blockbuster that reportedly had a budget of $200 million, does exceedingly well, a sweded parody trailer coming out of Thailand, is also causing a bit of an online stir!

Fans have gone wild for the scene-by-scene parody trailer which was obviously done on a much smaller budget than the Marvel mega hit and it has received more than 100,000 views in just a few days. Continue Reading

Thai “Sorcerer” Gives Teens ‘Invincibility’ Tattoos – Which Turn Out Not So Invincible

A Thai “sorcerer” tattooist Boonyong Luangjumpol, who is also known as Ajarn Ton, was arrested recently in Thailand’s Yanglad district after it was alleged that he gave local teenagers mystical tattoos which would make them invincible.

Ton gave the teens a Sak Yant tattoo which is traditionally believed to give the bearer mystical powers of invincibility. The tattoos incorporate Buddhist prayers known as Mantras or Katas that are said to have supernatural powers.

Originally, these prayers would be scribed onto pieces of cloth and centuries ago soldiers would wear them in battle to help keep them safe from their enemies. Continue Reading

Cosmetic Wash Promising To Whiten Your Vagina WTF

Thailand’s skin-whitening craze hit new levels of craziness recently with the introduction of a product that promises to whiten your lady parts within four weeks. Total WTF!

Skin lightening has been a big thing in Thailand and several other parts of Asia for quite some time, lighter skin is seen to represent success, opportunity and higher status in the community. A lot of this is due to the fact that many of the poorer people in the nation work in farming, spending all day in the sun in rice fields and therefore having a more tanned, weather-beaten look.

The cosmetics industry were not slow to exploit this cultural trend and for years, products have been available that whiten the face, body and areas like the armpits – there are also pills and diet supplements that claim to do the same. Continue Reading

Tim Burton Eat Your Heart Out – Thai Man Marries Corpse Bride

The story of Thai television producer Chadil Deffy is a weird one, which has divided public opinion for many months.

When Deffy’s girlfriend Sarinya Kamsook, died in a car accident in January, he was devastated. The couple had been together for about 10 years but kept putting wedding plans on hold in order to complete their studies.

Deffy decided that he just had to marry his true love, regardless of the fact that she was cruelly and prematurely taken away from him and married her in a bizarre wedding-come-funeral ceremony in the city of Surin in northern Thailand. Continue Reading

Great White Shark Attack Bench

You can find this shark bench at a shopping mall in Bangkok, Thailand. Don’t worry though, it’s not a real giant shark coming out of the pavement to eat you! Hard to believe I know, the darn thing looks so convincing, NOT.

Pornchai Kittiwongsakul took these photos, and I honestly didn’t make up that name.Continue Reading

This Anti-Smoking Ad From Thailand Is Probably The Best Ad Of Its Kind Ever Created

“Smoking Kid,” a Thai anti-smoking ad was released last week by the global public relations agency Ogilvy in an attempt to influence some of Thailand’s 13 million smokers to kick the habit. According to the Thai Health Promotion Foundation, it has led to a 40 percent increase in traffic on the national “quit smoking” hotline.

In the ad, which went viral receiving more than 750,000 views after it was first posted on Youtube a few days ago features an under aged boy and girl approach multiple smokers on the street and ask them for a light. Each smoker immediately begins telling the children reasons that they should not smoke, having no idea they are being set up:

“If you smoke, you die faster. Don’t you want to live and play?”

“Cigarettes contain insecticides.”

“When you smoke, you suffer from lung cancer, emphysema and strokes.”

After listening to the adult smokers reasons, the children respond, “So why are you smoking?” They then hand the smoker a brochure that reads, “You worry about me. But why not about yourself?”

The ad claims that almost every adult who received the brochure then threw away their cigarette. No adult, however, threw away their brochure.

I’d like to see copycat versions of this brilliant ad make their way to the UK. Sure, this PSA is receiving a lot of attentions online but imagine if a similar ad found its way on British or American TV?

Website: Thai Health Promotion Foundation