For the DC Lovers: Twenty-Five Purchasable Superman Products


In less than two weeks Man of Steel is finally hitting movie theaters around the world. It will be the first Superman film since 2006’s less than well received Superman Returns, and it’s already being predicted that Man of Steel will surely surpass its predecessors. If you’re as excited as we are about this upcoming film, then you’re gonna need some Superman gear to help get yourself pumped for what is sure to be an awesome superhero reboot. On that note, here are twenty-five different Superman-related products that you can purchase online, sure to make every fan boy and girl truly happy.Continue Reading

Bill Nye Theorizes How Superman is Able to Shave

Bill Nye is arguably one of the most influential scientists of this day and age – no doubt due to the love most people feel towards his 90’s show Bill Nye the Science Guy. Nye disappeared for a while once his show went off the air, but has, as of late, been regained a great amount of his popularity. He spoke in some of the Big Think videos, a satire piece featuring Nye surfaced surrounding the Todd Akin debacle, and he even has a Twitter (though this fake one is almost more well received than the real one).Continue Reading

Batman Gets His Own Back On Superman!

Of all the superheroes, Batman’s always been always been amongst the most reluctant to play nicely with the other special beings. His isolationist carry on often means he is left battling evil all on his lonesome, but we have it on good authority that that is just how he likes it.

This photograph suggests that Batman might be feeling a little bit neglected about all the fuss Superman’s getting at the moment, what with the imminent release of the Man of Steel blockbuster. And it’s made him a little bit pissy!! Continue Reading

Third ‘Man Of Steel’ Trailer Released – Superman Explains The Infamous ‘S’!

Check out this brilliant new action-packed trailer from upcoming Superman movie “Man of Steel” which stars Henry Cavill as one of the greatest and most well known heroes in the entire world.

This is the third trailer from the Warner production, which was directed by Zack Snyder (The Watchmen, 300, Sucker Punch) and was produced by The Dark Knight director Christopher Nolan. Continue Reading

LEGO-Loving Teen Constructs 6ft Tall, 18,000 Brick Superman!!

Evan Bacon, like a lot of teenagers, loves LEGO and superheroes. He loves them so much that he builds larger than life LEGO sculptures of his favorite comic book heroes!

You might remember seeing the images of Evan’s previous awesome LEGO superhero constructs which include Batman and Iron Man, floating about on the internet and this is his latest creation – a 6 foot 6 inch tall Superman! Continue Reading

Dylan Hayes, 4, Falls Out Of 3rd Story Window In Superman Shirt & Survives Unharmed

Dylan Hayes, 4, is one incredibly lucky young boy after falling from a third storey window, doing 2 somersaults and landing unharmed, on his feet on the gravel below! Perhaps there is more to this though, because little Dylan was wearing a Superman shirt at the time of this dramatic incident, so maybe, just maybe, this little kid has some super special powers!! Well, that’s what we all want to believe anyway!

The incident happened at the family’s apartment complex in Aurora, Colorado, Dylan’s mother Jessica said she was cleaning at the time he fell as is just thankful that he’s alive. Continue Reading

Up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a…. Superman plane!


Quick! Go alert the Daily Planet, because we’ve found a video they need to see! If you haven’t seen it already, I guarantee this is one of the coolest things you’ll see all day.

Someone went and built his or her own custom RC plane in the shape of – what else? – a life size Superman. This video, uploaded over at LiveLeak at the end of December, was taken by a passerby in California who just happened upon this excellent Superman replica whizzing around over the ocean. While not a perfect replica, it’s enough to make anyone stop and stare who might encounter him. I know I myself would be surprised as ever to suddenly see the Man of Steel flying right next to me.Continue Reading

Superman Batman Combo Cosplay


This is a really cool half Batman, half Superman cosplay costume. If you know who the cosplayer is and where the photo was taken, please let us know by commenting below.

New ‘Superman’ Sees Clark Kent Get A Dramatic Makeover

Superman Issue 13 will see Clark Kent, the Man of Steel’s good-natured alter-ego undergo some seriously dramatic lifestyle changes.

The issue, which will be available digitally and in comic stores on Wednesday will see reporter Clark Kent quit his job at the Metropolis newspaper The Daily Planet. Kent has been an employee at The Daily Planet since the DC Comics superhero’s earliest days back in the 1940s.

DC’s “The New 52” re-launch a little while ago saw Superman’s status quo altered quite a bit. He broke up with his beloved Lois and seemed to moving on in the Justice League pages where he shared a kiss with Wonder Woman.

Quitting The Daily Planet in Issue 13 is a kind of follow on from this, he still obviously has strong feelings for Lois, but he also being persistently hassled by his editor-in-chief Perry White for not digging up enough Superman stories. His boss’ boss Morgan Edge is also on his case and these factors combine push him to make his dramatic exit – bemoaning that journalism has now given way to entertainment and calling on his peers to stand up for “truth” and “justice”!Continue Reading