Epic Screen Junkies Supercut Of Zombies Getting Their Heads Blown Off

Sometimes there really is nothing better than watching zombies getting their asses handed to them to perk up your mood. So in honor of forthcoming release of World War Z, the zombie blockbuster starring Brad Pitt, Canada-based film buff Louis Plamondon or the “The Sleepy Skunk” as he is more commonly known, created this awesome supercut of zombie headshots for Screen Junkies using many of our favorite classic movies featuring the undead.

If you don’t like blood, gore and gratuitous violence, then this probably isn’t for you, but if you enjoy watching zombies having their soggy skulls blown to smithereens, then what are you waiting for, click play immediately!! Continue Reading

Brilliant 5-Minute Supercut Featuring Some Of The Best “Fuck You” Movie Moments

This fantastic supercut was created by Jonathan Keogh and it features some of the best “Fuck You” movie moments ever to grace our cinema screens. Keogh feels that movies are a great source of inspiration and created this video for people who are at the end of their tether, whether it be because of a horrible boss, a shit job, the tax man, an ex-lover, a traffic warden or whatever. He wants them to know that there are soooo many people who feel the same way and “400 movies right here on your side”.

Keogh thinks that there is far too much violence in the world, from war and terrorism to street scuffles and road rage!! He also says that those who are inspired to commit violent acts after watching a movie are just not smart enough to watch movies. He says that if someone has really pissed you off or is dry-humping your last nerve, then emailing them this video is a much better way of getting your own back, than say punching them in the face! Continue Reading