Tobias Wüstefeld’s Scenes From Super Mario Adorning Animal Skulls!

Just in case you hadn’t had enough WTF for one day, we bring you the fantastically bizarre creations of artist Tobias Wüstefeld.

Wüstefeld created these meticulously detailed scenes from classic Nintendo game Super Mario Bros and for some reason completely unbeknownst to us, placed them on top of some shiny white animal skulls!

The artist created the piece for the We Love 8-Bit art show that was held in Vienna, Austria and I suppose his choice to place his cute little Super Mario characters on some rather macabre animal skulls does give his artwork a strange edge that would set it aside from a lot of the others on display. Continue Reading

Super Mario Bros. Easter Eggs!!

Those of you looking for innovative ways to surprise your kids this Easter, might like the Awesome Super Mario Nintendo Eggs created by Instructables user Imnopeas for her son.

“I’m not an artist and I know these aren’t perfect, but I think they still came out pretty cool. I used images from my iphone to replicate the the Nintendo characters. I basically drew the images on with a pencil and then used Acrylic paint to fill them in. I used Sharpie Paint markers to fill in small details like the pupils.”

Awesome Fanmade First-Person Perspective Vid Of Super Mario Bros. 3’s Crazy Last Level

This fantastic fanmade video was created by Brandon Laatsch and it shows the crazily chaotic final level of Super Mario Bros. 3 as though it was seen through the eyes of Mario himself. The video is called “First-Person Mario: Endgame” and it is Laatsch’s second foray into creating first-person Mario clips. His first was created in 2011!!

Seeing this level, which was hard enough in its original 2D format, through Mario’s eyes is insane and it really is a labor of love, apparently this clip took Laatsch 50 days to render!!

Custom Made “Super Mario Bros” Belt That Heralds The End Of Unsightly Plumber’s Crack


For plumbers that game, gamers that plumb or plumbers who run around a lot trying to save princesses we bring you this beautifully designed “Super Mario Bros” belt that will help you stop your butt-crack making a break for it while you go about your business.

The “Super Mario Bros” belt pictured her was created by Julia who operates the Etsy shop SalukiFeathers. Initially the belt was not made as item that she intended to sell in her Etsy shop but as a present for one of her brothers who is a huge Super Mario Bros fan. She realized there was a huge demand for the product when her other brother posted it on Reddit and it claimed the #1 spot on the front page and added it to her Etsy store. Continue Reading

Super Mario Guitar for the Geeky Musicians

Mario games have been around for decades and are still just as popular today. Now, for any of you geeks gone musician (or vice versa), here’s a Super Mario guitar especially for you.

The web-site is currently selling these electric Super Mario guitars for $489. These guitars are built from scratch, painted and handcrafted by professionals who have been building guitars for over twenty years. Because the guitars are custom made, if there’s anything you’re looking to change about the guitar you order, the creators are able to do just that for you.Continue Reading

Beat Down Boogie Releases New Mario Warfare Trailer

The group Beat Down Boogie, a web-based film group who are well known for their Modern War Gear Solid web series, are working on something new and exciting. They have a new web series up their sleeves, this time starring a certain Italian plumber who likes to wear red.Continue Reading

Super Mario Lego Aquarium Decorations

Take a look at this Super Mario Bros. themed aquarium built by Redditor jennyleighb’s roommate using Lego. Bet the fish never had it so good.

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