Introducing Captain Bayley’s “Infernal Dichoto-Velocipod” Aka The Steampunk AT-ST!

Regular readers might remember the awesome Steampunk AT-AT (or Captain Bayley’s Infernal Mechano-Perambulator as it was called) that a dude named Mark created as an engagement present for his fiancé Caroline, that we featured on this site back in April.

If you loved that epic creation, then you will no doubt be interested in the latest addition to Captain Bayley’s “Infernal Perambulator Family”, the “Infernal Dichoto-Velocipod”. Though this is the name given to the adorable steampunk critter, its creator has already accepted that on the internet, it will undoubtedly be dubbed the “Steampunk AT-ST” by the internet’s huge Star Wars fanbase!Continue Reading

Awesome Fanmade Steampunk AT-ST Walker Desk Lamp

Check out this brilliant Steampunk walker desk lamp made by Flickr user gozdom, who created the lamp following the configuration of an AT-ST walker from the Star Wars saga. There’s a little something that reminds me of the infamous Pixar lamp in there too, which I think it might have something to do with the anthropomorphic quality of gozdom’s creation.

Gozdom says that he created the head of the lamp to resemble the boiler of a steam locomotive. The lamp’s thorax is created from hardwood and the rest of it is created using brass with bronze/copper overlays.

Wouldn’t you just love to have this thing peering over your shoulder and illuminating your desk?

Awesome AT-AT Given Steampunk Makeover For Engagement Present

Check out this awesome Steampunk AT-AT that was created by a dude named Mark as an engagement present for his fiancé Caroline, who I am guessing loves Star Wars and Steampunk!

The epic creation has been given the moniker Captain Bayley’s Infernal Mechano-Perambulator and one can just imagine it spending its retirement from hunting the rebel forces by going for long walks on the beach! Mark used a vintage AT-AT and gave it an incredibly impressive Steampunk overhaul! Continue Reading

Awesomely Epic Huge Steampunk Dragon From Kreatworks

Check out this totally incredible Steampunk Dragon that was put together by the creative masterminds at Kreatworks.

This epic sculpture was made using recycled metal and automobile parts, it weighs a staggering 880 pounds and it measures 10.8 feet in height and 10 feet in width. So it’s not something you’d be able to move about easily and getting it through your front door could prove a challenging feat, but it would make an awesome piece of steampunk décor for the ardent enthusiast! Continue Reading

Awesome Steampunk Icarus Wings!

Steampunk cosplayers will simply love this handmade, back-mounted, pulley driven Icarus Wings MKII created by Etsy store owner steampunk22.

Steampunk22 said that the body of the wings is created from salvaged Arbutus (Madrone) wood, the housing is Western Red Cedar and Black Walnut. The Icarus wings have copper and brass highlights and are finished by hand with tung oil. Continue Reading

IBM’s Social Sentiment Analytics Predicts The Rise Of “Steampunk” As A Retail Trend

steampunk- social analytics

IBM’s Social Sentiment Index has predicted that “steampunk” will become a major trend that will make a huge impact on the retail industry in the coming years.

The IBM Social Sentiment Index utilizes advanced analytics and natural language processing technologies to analyze huge volumes of social media data so as to understand public opinions.

Accessing the data provided by Twitter, Facebook, blogs, message boards and news sources the Index can identify and quantify positive, negative and neutral sentiments towards consumer trends. It represents a new form of market research that can help organizations tell the difference between what is a passing fad and what will be an enduring trend. By measuring public sentiment, the IBM data allows retailers the opportunity to adapt their products to suit customer needs and desires. Continue Reading

Fantastic Fanart: Steampunk Darth By Kevin Mowrer

This awesome fanart of a steampunk Darth Vader was created by Kevin Mowrer of the blogspot Mowrerart.

Mowrer and his sons are huge fans of the Star Wars saga and it was through watching the first Star Wars movie that he got the idea to create this steampunk inspired Darth Vader.

It was an ongoing project that started out as more simplistic sketches before becoming this awesome piece. According to Mowrer, there is something very Prussian about Vader’s design and he enjoyed exploring that design avenue.

He opted for a central metal helmet spine, instead of going for the traditional spike and put particular effort into ensuring that the leather and watchwork looked the part. Continue Reading

Geoffrey McGann Tells His Side Of The Story After “Suspicious Watch” Arrest

Geoffrey McGann, the man who was arrested at Oakland International Airport last week because of his “suspicious” watch has told the Palos Verdes publication Patch his side of the story.

McGann, who lives in Rancho Palos Verdes, was initially stopped by TSA officials who told him that his watch looked as though it could be used to detonate an explosive device. The bomb squad were summoned and quickly cleared the man as a threat but the Alameda County Sheriff’s Department arrested McGann and held him on suspicion of possession of materials to make an explosive device.

The teacher and commercial artist posted the $150,000 bail on Saturday and when he arrived at the court on Monday with his attorney, he was told by a clerk that prosecutors had decided to drop the charges. Continue Reading

Scare The Life Out Of Your Buddies With This Awesome Steampunk Predator Helmet

If you are looking for a really scary mask to terrorize your buddies with at Halloween then this customizable Predator helmet from SkunkWorksProps might be just the thing you are looking for. You might have missed the boat for this Halloween, but hell, you could always get it and use it to scare your children into eating their vegetables or tidying their rooms until October 31st comes round again. I know that if my mum wore one of these when she was telling me to do, I would have been much less petulant as a child!

The Steampunk Predator helmet can be ordered as a raw fiberglass bio which will allow you to customize it to your heart’s desire/terror. If you don’t feel like getting all art-attack with your box of crayolas or simply don’t have the time, then you can select to purchase a fully completed helmet like the ones in the pictures.

I know it looks heavy enough to cause the wearers neck to snap quicker than if they crossed paths with Arnie in the jungle, however it is much lighter than it appears. Weighing approximately 2lbs it is light enough to wear without much discomfort. Continue Reading

Steampunk Nintendo Casemod

Redditor Andrew5785 modded his old Nintendo system to look like this for his Steampunk nephew.Continue Reading