Bradford’s Batman Failed At Being A Superhero – Now Caught Trying To Be A Super Villain

Back in March, Britain went a teeny bit giddy because for a little while, we thought we had our very own Batman! A man, dressed in a Batman costume dropped a wanted man into a Bradford police station and then vanished into the dead of the night.

A media frenzy ensued as everyone tried to find out the identity of our caped do-gooder, the bookies were even taking bets as to which celebrity might be lurking behind the mask. Eventually however, when the truth did emerge (a day or so later) it turned out to be bitterly disappointing. Continue Reading

Bradford’s Batman Unmasked – Truth Is Bitterly Disappointing

Those of you who read the story about the person dressed as Batman who dropped a man wanted for questioning into a Bradford police station and said “I’ve caught this one for you” before vanishing into the night and dreamed that perhaps the UK had its very own crime fighting multi-millionaire superhero vigilante, will be bitterly disappointed.

The British media speculated that it might have been a celebrity, with TV illusionist Dynamo top of the list, while others mused that it might have been a local politician doing his bit to clear up the Bradford streets…Continue Reading