Giant Spiders Freaked Out Meteorologist!

Check out this footage of meteorologist Kristi Gordon having a major freakout when a giant spider appears on her forecast screen. When she notices the giant arachnid, Gordon really panics, hopping about the place and making little high-pitched yelping noises!

It’s funny to watch, but really her reaction is utterly understandable and I think a great many of us would be just as traumatized, if not more so! Ok, so we all know the spider isn’t really there or quite so huge IRL, but in that spine-chilling, horror-inducing split-second, how would you react? I think there’s a lot of people who would be sporting brown trousers if that had happened to them!

Crafty Decoy Spider Discovered in Rainforests of Peru

Decoy Spider

The spider in that picture above? Yeah. That’s not a real spider.

A new species of spider, or possibly a pre-existing species that has advanced due to the nature of evolution, has been discovered in the wildlife of Peru. This spider, described as “no bigger than a lentil”, constructs a decoy spider in its web that is far larger than the spider itself. This scares away bigger spiders and other predators, allowing it to eat its food while protected by the dummy spider. It’s even stated that this new spider “jiggles its web” in order to animate its decoy spider and fool its prey.Continue Reading

Spider Chasing A Laser Pointer

Spider is the new cat…just not as funny or cute.

Chinese Woman Had Spider In Ear For 5 Days

Just when you thought things were going to be ok because spiders can’t fly, a story like this one from China’s Hunan province come along to ruin any chance you had of getting a good night’s sleep ever again.

A Ms. Lee visited China’s Changsha Central Hospital last week, suffering the symptoms of an itchy ear canal. When doctors examined the poor, unfortunate woman’s ear they discovered a furry little arachnid had set up residence there!! WTF!!Continue Reading

The Strange Mating Habits Of The Self-Castrating Spider

You’ve probably heard some smarm-ball come out with the cheese-tastic line ‘I’m a lover not a fighter’ at some point in your life, even if it’s just a character on a lame television sitcom. Well according to a study from the National University of Singapore and the investigations of Discover Magazine – there is a spider that castrates himself in order to become both. Hmmm, this story definitely calls for an epic WTF!

You would be completely forgiven for wondering how in the hell the castration of genitals could possibly help the male Nephilengys malabarensis spider be a better lover, but apparently if he snaps off his penis during intercourse then the detached penis can continue to pump sperm into the female and he has a better chance of fertilizing her! Man, Mother Nature is twisted!Continue Reading

Trolling A Spider With Pen And Paper

This video from Youtuber CcanCcaglar has over 1.5 million views in 7 days. Basically it’s just a video of him trolling a wee spider by drawing a line wherever it wants to go, causing it to turn turn around and try another route.

In the end, the little one got all gangsta and just marched across all the lines. Awesome!

I’m easily amused, I know.