Amateur Bosnian Goalkeeper Plays Full Game Despite Having 9mm Bullet Lodged In His Head!!

One of the biggest complaints about football/soccer (I’m from the UK so it’s football to me) from fans of other sports, is that the players can often be big giant pansies, rolling around on the floor and feigning injury after the slightest hint of contact from an opponent. And while you can’t argue that this is true for many of the stars in the game, there is no denying that some footballers are hard as nails and will carry on slogging through despite picking up some horrifically painful injuries.

One Bosnian amateur footballer reaffirmed this, by playing out an entire match after being shot in the head and had a 9mm bullet lodged there for the duration!!! The 51-year-old goalkeeper Duško Krtalica didn’t realize he’d been shot but did complain of a headache. He played on assuming that the reason he was suffering a wee bit, was because he’d knocked his head against a goal post whilst making a save – however the reality was a little bit different! Continue Reading

Nike’s Travelling Bus That Uses A Laser To Create Soccer Fields For City Kids!

As part of a campaign to promote their new soccer shoes designed for use on the street, Nike sent a bus equipped with a laser around Madrid, Spain, creating instant soccer fields with laser projections!

Working with ad agency DoubleYou, the bus traveled round to locations and where there was enough space, they created football fields for youngsters to practice their soccer skills! When a spot was chosen for a laser football pitch, a crane would elevate the laser and the pitch lines would be projected onto the chosen area. Continue Reading

Balotelli Charged with Violent Conduct

Manchester City’s mercurial striker Mario Balotelli has been charged with violent conduct by the FA, for an incident in Sunday’s game against North London’s Tottenham Hotspurs.
Balotelli appeared to stamp on the head of Spurs midfielder Scott Parker, and although referee Howard Webb was just feet away from the incident, he took no action against the man who can’t seem to stay out of trouble.

Balotelli has until 6pm on Wednesday 25th January to appeal the charge, and could be banned for four matches if found guilty. If he does choose to appeal and it fails, he could face a lengthier ban.

The charge will come as little consolation for Tottenham who felt that Balotelli should have seen a straight red card in the match. Instead he remained on the pitch to score a stoppage-time penalty which saw City win the game 3-2, and denied Spurs what could have been a crucial point against their bitter rivals.

Spurs manager Harry Rednapp was also incensed by what looked like a deliberate forearm smash by Joleon Lescott on defender Younes Kaboul. Lescott also escaped unpunished and will not be facing any charges from the FA over the incident.

Fans of many of the premiership clubs were incensed by the injustice of Sunday’s game between Manchester City and Spurs, and showed their disapproval on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

One fan said, “I can’t believe the ref took no action against Balotelli, it was the most obvious straight red card I’ve seen all season. Spurs were robbed!

Another said, “City seem to be getting decisions like this from the ref all the time…It certainly makes you wonder if they’ve got friends in high places.

Have you seen the incident? Do you think it was accidental or deliberate??