Epic Screen Junkies Supercut Of Zombies Getting Their Heads Blown Off

Sometimes there really is nothing better than watching zombies getting their asses handed to them to perk up your mood. So in honor of forthcoming release of World War Z, the zombie blockbuster starring Brad Pitt, Canada-based film buff Louis Plamondon or the “The Sleepy Skunk” as he is more commonly known, created this awesome supercut of zombie headshots for Screen Junkies using many of our favorite classic movies featuring the undead.

If you don’t like blood, gore and gratuitous violence, then this probably isn’t for you, but if you enjoy watching zombies having their soggy skulls blown to smithereens, then what are you waiting for, click play immediately!! Continue Reading

Screen Junkies Honest Trailer For Iron Man 2!

As Iron Man 3 storms the box office and tops film charts all over the world, those satirical folks, the Screen Junkies have succumbed to popular demand and given Iron Man 2 the Honest Trailer treatment.

So just in case you need a little recap of what happened in Iron Man 2 before you go to the cinema to see the third installment of the Stark trilogy, you’ve got their scathing summary of the film referred to as “the forgettable placeholder while they worked on the script for the Avengers.”

Check it out, even if you are a fan of Iron Man 2, the Honest Trailer is (as always) hilariously funny and definitely worth a look-see!

Screen Junkies Give Jurassic Park The Honest Trailer Treatment

Succumbing to numerous demands from their subscribers, those brilliantly satirical folks at Screen Junkies have taken the Steven Spielberg classic Jurassic Park and given it the Honest Trailer it was crying out for.

Describing the movie as “Spielberg’s last truly awesome popcorn flick before becoming an old sap”, the Screen Junkies went for the jugular on this one, pointing out all the things you tend to ignore as an enthralled 10-year-old watching giant dinosaurs terrorize a theme park.

Definitely worth a look-see! Continue Reading

Screen Junkies Do Honest Trailer For LOTR

With Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey finally out in our movie theaters – there will be quite a few of you preparing for its release by re-watching all three LOTRs movies. With that in mind, Screen Junkies have watched the extended versions and put together an honest trailer.

Those of you who loved the Peter Jackson “nerdgasm” that is the LOTR trilogy might not enjoy this Screen Junkies trailer as much as some of their other candid takes on Hollywood Blockbusters. However, I think that it is still possible to love the movies AND enjoy this parody trailer because they do make some pretty hilarious points!

It is, as the trailer points out, a trilogy of movies that does feature rather a lot of walking, roaming, trekking and more walking. It is also “bursting with so much manly compassion, you’ll think you’re watching Brokeback Mount Doom.” Continue Reading

Honest Movie Trailers – Screen Junkies Go For The Dark Knight Rises

Those Honest Movie Trailer makers, the Screen Junkies have gone for The Dark Knight Rises in their latest attempt to provide truthful and sincere alternative trailers to Hollywood’s hyped ones.

The trailer goes gunning for what they believe to be questionable plot choices and some unusual spoken lines in the blockbuster movie and Mike & Jay of Red Letter Media also make a cameo appearance to give us their thoughts too.

I have a little confession to make, I am one of the only Christopher Nolan Batman nerds that still haven’t seen The Dark Knight Rises (I know it is deplorable – and there is no excuse, but I had a hell of a lot going on when it was out in the cinemas). So I had this trailer vetted by a friend of mine before writing this article. Apparently it is spoiler-laden, so I am writing this article blind, because much as I enjoy the Screen Junkies’ humorous take on blockbusters, I am not willing to have The Dark Knight Rises plot ruined for me by a 5 minute trailer. Continue Reading

Brutally Honest Twilight Trailer By Screen Junkies – Possibly The Best Thing About The Whole Saga!

If you have friends that have been bugging you to go the cinema with them to see the latest Twilight film “Breaking Dawn Part 2” and your response of “I would rather gouge my own eyes out with a spoon” is not getting the message across, maybe you should try showing them this Screen Junkies trailer.

It is a brilliantly funny and brutally honest summary of the Twilight Saga movies to date, as the narrator states the blockbuster franchise that “all intelligent people avoid”!

The trailer points out the many numerous flaws in the trilogy, the incessant 3-ways stares, the tragically uneventful storylines, the bitterly disappointing fight scenes and the pointless flashbacks for unimportant characters. If you love to hate Twilight and its silly sparkly vampires, like so many of us do, then you will you love this trailer! Continue Reading