Danger Zone: Twenty-Five Pieces of Archer Fan Art and Cosplay

Time for another compilation of fan art/cosplay that has caught my eye as of late! Recently I undertook the mission of watching all four seasons of the hit FX show Archer. Well mission accomplished. In less than a week I devoured all forty-nine episodes, faster than you can say “hilarious voicemail hoaxes” The show, which just wrapped up its fourth season last month and will be returning at some point next year with a fifth, is filled with some of the most deranged characters on television and makes for a hilarious watch.

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New Cloud Atlas Featurette That Will Totally Blow Your Mind!

This featurette for new sci-fi film Cloud Atlas will totally blow your mind. It is entitled ‘An Actor’s Dream’ and is a behind the scenes look at this innovative film which sees all of the main actors in the cast play several different characters each. Many characters played by the actors in the movies are different genders, races and ages to their own and the featurette is a fascinating insight into what this entails for the cast.

Cloud Atlas is directed by Andy and Lana Wachowski and Tom Tykwer and stars Tom Hanks, Halle Berry, Hugo Weaving, Jim Sturgess, Susan Sarandon, Hugh Grant, Ben Whishaw, Keith David, Jim Broadbent, James D’Arcy and Doona Bae.

The narrative explores how actions and consequences from individual lives impact on one another throughout generations – in the past, the present and the future. Romance, action and mystery intertwine as the stories of each of the characters cross over and influence the others. Continue Reading

5 Geeky Popcorn Buckets You’d Love To Put Your Grubby Hands Into

Popcorn is the most delicious (non-female) thing to have sitting in the seat next to you at a movie.  I bought two tickets before I knew that my date was going to stand me up, so why not take up a seat with my huge bucket of popcorn?  Yes, folks, we have gone so far down the path of obesity that we now call them “buckets.”  Ironic, isn’t it, how we can walk so far down the path of obesity and not be getting any exercise?

These five geeky popcorn buckets are the most awesome innovations when it comes to high-tech chemical compounds that have the ability to retain popcorn in a reservoir that allows for simple extraction.  Translation: it makes it easier for you to eat things.Continue Reading

5 Women of The Geeky Realm That I’d Like To Date

We geeky types watch TV, play video games, and spend hours on the computer, but real life interaction is not an area that we’re known to excel in. Thankfully, others have recognized this need and have crafted plenty of jaw-dropping, fictional women, which they have stuffed in books, movies, and video games for us to enjoy. These five women of the geeky realm are ones that I would like to date, and many of them come from video games. (These so-called “video games” make it easy for the designers to skip that whole “human imperfection” thing and start creatin’ us some beautiful women with rough and tumble personalities.)Continue Reading

Prometheus Official Clip Has Landed

The first official clip from the highly-anticipated Ridley Scott flick Prometheus has landed.

In this clip Idris Elba (Captain Janek) lands the Prometheus ship on the alien planet so the crew can explore the mysterious relics.

Watch 56 Star Trek Episodes With Sounds At The Same Time

Here’s something for busy trekkies. Thanks to Youtuber twilight1138, now you can watch all 56 episodes of the first 2 seasons, with sound simultaneously.

twilight1138 tried to squeeze Star Trek season 3 in the compilation as well, but his encoder crashed.

Oh and I forgot to mention, the video is 50 minutes long.

Famous Sci-fi Ideas That (You Never Knew) Doctor Who Did First – Bill & Ted

Bill & Ted

(This post is third in a series. Click here for Part One, and here for Part Two if you missed the first two installments.)

The classic British sci-fi series Doctor Who has been on the airwaves for such a long time that many of the themes and story lines from the show have inspired other popular science fiction movies or television series.While many take a more subtle approach when addressing very similar story lines, or drawing inspiration from the cult classic, others are a bit less subtle.

We’ve already addressed the similarities between Star Trek’s Borg and Doctor Who’s Cybermen, as well as the remarkable similarity between Stargate and the Doctor Who story arc Pyramids of Mars, but today we will touch on the most obvious case of rip-off “inspiration” yet…

Case in point number three:

Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure

The story: If you are fortunate enough to have never seen the 1989 movie, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, consider yourself lucky. But, for the sake of you lucky dogs who aren’t familiar with the plot, or for those of you who did see it and have subsequently tried to block the utter stupidity from your memory as a defense mechanism, let us recap.

Ted “Theodore” Logan and Bill S. Preston, Esquire (otherwise known as “Bill & Ted”) are a pair of teenagers that would make Forest Gump look like a certified genius. The idiotic duo are trying to pursue their dream of becoming rock stars by forming a band together they call “Wyld Stallyns” while using cheesy dated 80s lingo. Unfortunately they’re flunking history, and if they don’t pass, then Ted’s father is going to ship him off to a military academy in Alaska, and basically the world will end, or at least the future.

No really, that’s part of the plot.Continue Reading

Famous Sci-fi Ideas That (You Never Knew) Doctor Who Did First – Stargate


(This post is second in a series. Click here for the first part if you missed it yesterday.)

Doctor Who has been around for so long that many of the sci-fi themes and story lines from the show have inspired other popular movies or television series plots. While the writers of these films and shows may not always publicly make note of this inspiration, a little careful observation shows that several of these “original” ideas were actually not so original after all.

Yesterday we discussed the similarities between Star Trek’s Borg and Doctor Who’s Cybermen, today we have another example for your consideration.

Case in point number two:

Stargate (The Movie)

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Famous Sci-fi Ideas That (You Never Knew) Doctor Who Did First – The Borg

Borg Mothership

(This post is first in a series. Stay tuned for more!)

Doctor Who has been around for a long time. When we say “a long time” we don’t mean it in the same way as, say, The Simpsons, we mean it in the way that it’s probably responsible for the invention of the radio [citation needed]. In fact, Doctor Who has been doing sci-fi since before sci-fi was cool, back when it was still called science fiction. Ok, so sci-fi never really became cool, but you get the point. When a program has been exploring a genre for that long, they’re bound to come up with more than a few good ideas, and either because it’s British or because nobody seems to care, other writers that have followed often “borrow” ideas from this classic series.

Case in point:

“The Borg” from Star Trek: The Next Generation

The story: The Borg, aside from being one of the biggest boner-inducing badass villains ever to give Trekkies a squeal, are an assimilating race of cybernetic/organic beings (aka, cyborgs) with a hive mind that assimilate other species they come across by making them part of their Borg collective. Resisting this assimilation is, as they say, futile. Once converted you no longer have any human (or whatever type of alien species you were before the Borg) emotion, lose your individual identity, and live only to serve the hive. Serving the hive consists of collecting raw materials, being pale, and coming up with new and interesting ways to look badass by covering half your body with cybernetics. It also means trying to convert all beings you come across into Borg, in what we can only assume is an attempt to get the largest Groupon discount in the universe.

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Project Glass: The Future Is Half Way There

Latest video from Google’s Project Glass team.