Smashing Pumpkins For Halloween With Marvel’s Thing

Check out this awesome life-size statue of Marvel’s indestructible Fantastic Four member Thing, it was created by Redditor Wizardtig using a number of smashed up pumpkins.

This huge statue stands at 6’4” and looms over everyone on a customized wooden platform. Looking rather awesome during the day or whilst illuminated at night, Wizardtig’s Thing is one of the best things I have ever seen done with some smashed up pumpkins!

It’s amazing how much pumpkin actually looks like Thing flesh isn’t it? At this time of year, people get uber-creative with pumpkins and it’s totally crazy that the simple gourd can be transformed into so many epic sculptures. I wonder what other superheroes could be constructed out pumpkins? Continue Reading

Watch Jon Neill Carved the Scary Pumpkin Creature Time-Lapse

Watch this awesome time lapse video of the scary pumpkin that artist Jon Neill carved to audition for season three of Halloween Wars.Continue Reading