Food Writer Has To Tell Everyone He’s Not In “Butter Coma” After Satire Biscuit Story Is Viral Hit!

Food writer Kevin Shalin, better known as The Mighty Rib, has had to come out and deny rumors that he fell into a “butter coma” after eating 413 really tasty but lard-heavy biscuits! It had been reported that witnesses had seen Shalin convulsing after consuming the buttery biscuits and the story of his near demise quickly went viral.

It all started after a report about Shalin and his near-death experience with the biscuits appeared on fictional news site Rock City Times. Despite the fact that the site describes itself as being “Arkansas’ 2nd most unreliable news source” several other outlets like The Daily Mail Online, The Mirror and The Sun covered the strange story without realizing it was a hoax! Continue Reading

Awesome Electric Shock Kissing Prank From Stuart Edge!

Check out the latest prank from YouTube trickster Stuart Edge that involves usually a specially rigged deck of cards to give an unsuspecting person a 330 volt shock.

The aim of Edge’s game is to recreate that “spark” that you feel when you kiss someone that you’re totally besotted with, but of course you can’t recreate a natural chemistry or feelings of intense attraction, which is why he needed a little help from electricity! Continue Reading

Headless Driver Terrorizes Drive-Thru Employees

Prankster and magician Rahat Hussein is back behind the wheel again and has concocted yet another disguise to terrorize those poor unsuspecting Drive-Thru employees.

Rahat’s Drive-Thru Invisible Driver pranks proved to be a bit of a viral phenomenon and it seems like Drive-Thru workers have cottoned on to his dastardly tricks. So for his next prank, he decided that an invisible driver, or horror-doll Chucky at the wheel just wouldn’t be freaky enough and tried to get them to drop their hamburgers by putting a headless driver into the mix.

Check out Rahat’s video and watch their hilarious reactions!

Drive Thru Invisible Driver Prank 3 – This Time Chucky’s Behind The Wheel!

This is the third installment of the Invisible Driver Drive Thru Prank expertly engineered by magician Rahat Hussein.

For those of you who haven’t seen prank vids 1 and 2, Hussein uses a seat disguise to pull up at drive thru’s and terrorize employees who are led to believe that an invisible driver is behind the wheel of the vehicle. His videos got some hilarious reactions from unsuspecting drive thru workers, some of which were actually terrified whereas others realized there was some sort of funny business going on. Continue Reading

Students Wrap Entire Contents Of Housemates Room In Tin Foil!!

Jake Walker
Jake Walker (far right) with his fellow housemates (l-r) Dom Avis, Jon Hyland, Sholto Talbot (green stripey shirt), Josh White, Alex Lambert, Sam Thomas (black T-shirt) and James Beckett

Check out the awesomely aluminium room belonging to Plymouth University Business undergraduate Jake Walker!! Jake doesn’t have a weird OCD that means he has to cover every single item he owns in tin foil, but he does live with a bunch of other students who just love pranks and clearly have a lot of time on their hands!

When Jake, 19, went home to Guildford for the week, he made sure he locked his bedroom door, because he knows full well that his housemates have a penchant for practical jokes. The cocky youngster even sent them a text saying “bad luck” because he thought that they wouldn’t be able to get in there and wreck their own unique brand of havoc. Continue Reading

Pranksters Pretend To Be Exhibitions At Prestigious Modern Art Galleries In London

Pranksters Doug and Mikael recently visited the prestigious Tate Modern and Saatchi Gallery in London and posed as exhibitions of modern art themselves.

The duo created this video of their exploits as part of a commentary on modern art and in it they seek out spaces and stand in them in a manner of different poses – often with bright yellow balls shoved firmly in their mouths.

As you can see from the footage, many of the gallery visitors mistake the pair for actual exhibitions, whereas others can see what is going on and find it highly amusing. Unsurprisingly however, the gallery guards are not so impressed and demand that they stop filming!! Continue Reading

The Drive Thru Invisible Driver Strikes Again!


Magician/prankster Rahat Hussein is back to terrorize unsuspecting Drive Thru employees once again! You might remember the Invisible Driver prank we featured on the site a couple of weeks ago in which Hussein disguised himself as a car seat and went about frightening the folk at several fast food restaurants – well this is Part 2! If you enjoyed that clip, then you’ll love this one too!

I really like the idea proposed in one of the YouTube comments; it suggested that Hussein get a Chucky doll and tape its arms to the steering wheel as well as talking in the eerie doll’s voice once he arrives at the window. I’d totally love to see Hussein do that next! Continue Reading

Redditor Creates Bogus Article About Herself As A Manslaughter Suspect To Scare Mom


Redditor Emily, by her own admission, has always enjoying “testing the limits” of her mom’s sense of humor, so when her mom warned her to behave herself, which she was on a trip out of state, Emily’s mischievous mind went straight to work.

She created this awesome bogus article that names herself as the suspect in a manslaughter incident. The fake post describes an incident in which a shoplifter enters a Walmart and is savagely set upon in a crazed attack. In a nice touch to bring a bit of extra crazy to the story, our Emily, “the suspect” then gets her kit off and uses the victim’s blood as war paint!!

The post got quite a bit of attention, with many readers wholeheartedly hoping that Emily’s mom fell for it, even if it was only for a split second. Continue Reading

Crying Baby Prank

Prankster Jack Vale puts an old man mask and an iPhone making crying baby sounds in a baby carrier and leaves it on a bench covered with a blanket. Check out the passers by reactions as they pull down the blanket only to see that there’s no baby inside but an old man mask.

Prankster Get Girl’s Laptop To Play Porn In University Library

This is the reason why you should never leave your laptop or pc unattended anywhere, especially in the University library.

This poor girl found out the hard way when her laptop suddenly blared out porn at full volume.

By the way, who is retard enough to shoot this epic video in portrait mode?

(Via Reddit)