Geek Interior Design: Intense Portal-themed Bedroom


Themed bedrooms tend to go one of two ways. If not done properly, they either come off as sad or the lair of a crazy person. However, when done right they can be amazing. Lucky for us, this Portal-themed bedroom falls into the latter category.

Created by Lauren, who credits herself as an accountant/painter/gamer/adrenaline junkie/nerd/everything enthusiast. This bedroom first began garnering attention over on Reddit, and now all of the Internet is abuzz about it. Lauren’s had some experiencing designing rooms before, but never anything so bold as her Portal bedroom. Over on her blog, not only has she shared a slew of pictures of her design and layout, but she has begun to explain how she went about getting her room to look like this. She’s showed what the room looked like before she did anything to it, some of the materials and tools she used in crafting her design, where she purchased the wall art and furniture, etc. The finished product truly is incredible. All she’s missing is the phrase “The Cake is a Lie” scrawled on one of her walls and this Portal-themed bedroom would be all set.Continue Reading