Is This Anti-Dog Poop Sign The Best Ever?

Check out this brilliant sign posted by an elderly couple who were quite clearly sick of dog defecation on their prize lawn! It would be great if we lived in the kind of world where people showed each other enough respect not to let our pets shit on one another’s property, but unfortunately that is a foolish, idealistic hope that has no place in reality.

So this sign, that came to our attention after being posted by Redditor SrgntPeppers, offers a stark warning and threatens the best kind of defense – retaliation! The sign warns that anyone who allows their dog to squeeze out its dinner on their immaculate grass will be identified by their surveillance cameras and have to deal with this couple’s grandson taking a dump on their property!Continue Reading

Dad Gets Revenge On Pooping Daughter With Embarrassing Pic

A troll dad who was none too pleased about having to clear up his young daughter’s poop from their shower decided to get his revenge by making her sign a contract which he then proceeded to hang around her neck and take a picture of.

The contract reads as follows: “I pooped in the shower and daddy had to clean it up. I hereby sign this as permission to use in my yearbook senior year.”

Not content with having this hanging over his daughter’s head like a Samuel Taylor Coleridge Albatross of foreboding threatening to completely destroy her teenage years, he also posted the picture to his Reddit account.

Some people found it funny and I guess it is in a ‘the internet is anonymous’ kind of way, however others were aghast, calling it cold, cruel and inhumane. Continue Reading