Apple Vs Samsung: Apple Issue Super-Snide UK Acknowledgement Over Patent Infringement

The highly amusing sniping and griping that has been taking place between Samsung and Apple took another interesting twist after the UK courts found that Samsung did not infringe on Apple’s patents with the Galaxy Tablet.

Part of the ruling required Apple to issue an acknowledgement to the court’s findings on their website and they have done this, although it is hardly apologetic and we don’t think it is particularly what the courts were envisaging when they issued the order.

The notice that the courts ordered Apple to put on their website is intended to inform customers using the UK version of the company’s website that Samsung didn’t actually infringe on their patents. This is seen as a way of repairing the tarnishing of Samsung’s reputation that took place with the initial accusation. This kind of notice is often referred to as an “apology ad” however there really wasn’t anything apologetic about the notice that Apple put up!Continue Reading