Cat Fighter – Brilliant Street Fighter Parody Featuring Menacing Kitten Warriors!

Cat loving Street Fighter fans will really enjoy this highly entertaining parody of the classic video game that features some double-bastard-hard kittens in a battle to the death!

Created by The Pet Collective, Cat Fighter is described as kittens hashing it out in “some retro SNES fashion” with Ken and Ryu’s legendary rivalry re-imagined on feline level! Now it’s all about who stole the ball of yarn and pilfered the last of the catnip!

I found the short highly entertaining, but feel it is my duty to deliver a word of warning to those of you planning on watching it with your pets – I watched it with my kitten and then she went all Blanka on my ass! So cover their little furry faces if you don’t want them to pick up any violent tendencies!

Awesome Parodies Of Time Magazine’s Infamous “Me Me Me Generation” Cover

These utterly brilliant parodies take the right royal piss out of Time Magazine’s highly memorable and very mockable “Me Me Me Generation” cover story.

Time have always had a bit of an obsession with the different generations that rear their ugly heads in our society and the silly names they get given. Generation X, Y, blah and whatever other ones you can think of have all had their own cover story exposés detailing their pros and cons and trying to establish whether they will sink, swim or cast our world into an eternal darkness previously only seen in places like Narnia or Mordor! Continue Reading

Iron Man 3 Sweded Trailer Goes Viral!

Iron Man 3 has had a hugely successful opening at the box office, heading straight to the top of film charts all over the world. But while the blockbuster that reportedly had a budget of $200 million, does exceedingly well, a sweded parody trailer coming out of Thailand, is also causing a bit of an online stir!

Fans have gone wild for the scene-by-scene parody trailer which was obviously done on a much smaller budget than the Marvel mega hit and it has received more than 100,000 views in just a few days. Continue Reading

Star Wars Parody With Pets – Cute Cats In Paw Warz – Not The Toiz You’re Looking For!

For cat loving Star Wars fanatics this little short is a brilliant way to kill a minute and a half of your time. It was created by YouTube channel ThePetCollective and it features our furry friends recreating a classic scene from Star Wars.

Entitled “Paw Warz – Not the Toiz you’re looking for” our brave rebel alliance pets gets pulled over by some kitteh Poop Scoopers (aka Stormtroopers) that threaten to ruin their whole entire plan. The short stars Ol’ Bengal Catoby, Duke Mousepouncer, See 3-Meow, and Boop Boop Beep Boop and it was written, directed and edited by Nicholas Fabiano.

Two Men Enter Tesco Dressed As Horse & Scream Bloody Murder

Since the news emerged that major British supermarket chain Tesco had been selling burgers that contain horse meat, the parodies and memes have been free-flowing.

This video that features two men dressed in a horse costume entering the Pembroke Dock Tesco in Pembrokeshire, might just be the best of the bunch though.

The guy filming the two men as they trot down an aisle and play dead whilst yelling “murderers” at the top of their lungs, clearly cannot contain his laughter and can be heard giggling furiously throughout the entire clip.

We British folk love our horses dearly and any attempt to make us inadvertently ingest them will punished by our angry admonishment and serious levels of piss-taking. Tesco, you deserve everything you get for this!

Have you seen a better Tesco horse-burger piss-take? Leave a comment and let us know.

Watch John Elerick’s Banned iPad Mini Promotional Video

Filmmaker and funnyman John Elerick of the ‘Gentleman’s Rant’ series has just created this wonderful parody of an iPad Mini promotional video. Doing a wonderful job of recreating the tone of an actual Apple promo or Keynote speech announcement, Elerick presents us with a rather cynical view of the iPad Mini.

The most ardent Apple fanboys might not enjoy watching it, but almost everyone else will. It definitely made me chuckle!
It’s not the first time that Elerick’s has gone gunning for those Apple folks and their products of the ‘future’, back in September, he produced another satirically slick iPhone 5 promotional video parody!Continue Reading

David Lo Pan Style: Big Trouble In Little China Meets Gangnam Style

By now I’m sure that, like me, you are sick to the back teeth of Gangnam Style parodies, however this ‘Big Trouble In Little China’ mockup of the song might just be the best one ever.

Entitled “David Lo Pan Style” because it features the iconic movie character David Lo Pan (actor James Hong) this parody was actually approved by ‘Big Trouble In Little China’ director John Carpenter.

He presented it Screamfest in Los Angeles as a response to the persistent requests he gets to do ‘Big Trouble In Little China’ Q&As. After all, ‘Big Trouble In Little China’ was a truly epic and unforgettable film and this little video might be the closest we will ever get to a sequel.

It’s just a shame they couldn’t get Kurt Russell and Kim Cattrall to cameo too!

It’s Bad For Breaking Bad’s Walt & Jesse As They Get Their Own Breakup Song

Meth-making maestro Walter White and his protégée Jesse Pinkman have always had a problematic relationship and it’s never really been plain sailing for the pair, however you know things are really quite bad when they get their own breakup song!

Put together by the parody geniuses at Teddie Films (who are well known for Star Wars I Used To Know) Walt and Jesse’s problems are portrayed through Taylor Swift’s “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.” To fit the nature of Walt and Jesse’s relationship, the chorus now becomes “We Are Never Ever Going To Cook Together” and the parody does a good job of recreating key scenes and characters from the hit series.

Warning: Lyrics and video contains spoilers!

Could Kickstarter Have Prevented Walter White From ‘Breaking Bad’

Pop Culture parody kings Slackatory have created a fake Kickstarter project page for infamous Chemistry teacher Walter White from the television series Breaking Bad.

The fake Kickstarter page is requesting funds of $10,000 to help the high school teacher who has been diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer. Strangely, there is not a single backer for the fake project as yet, but there is 5.5 months of fundraising to go – if White’s oncologist is to be believed.

There is an interesting little disclaimer attached to the request for funds however, stating that the project will only be funded if they get the money before Walter White “kicks it”
An obvious mock-up, the Slackatory fake project is still way better than a lot of the dodgy/weird/inane stuff that you often find searching for funds on Kickstarter!

World’s First Live Lip-Dub Divorce Proposal

A couple of weeks ago, Isaac’s lip dub marriage proposal got the whole Internet talking, we even called it the world’s greatest marriage proposal ever, because we don’t think that any guy will ever be able to top it.

Comedy group Second City just might edge it with this parody “World’s First Live Lip-Dub Divorce Proposal.”

On Tuesday, June 5th 2012, Tonya told her husband Isaac that she was taking him out special for their anniversary. What he got instead was a big surprise.