Homemade Playable Pac-Man Costume For Cosplay Gaming Fanatics

Here’s a fancy dress costume with a difference, it is a playable Pac-Man suit created by Russell Ruzenski to wear for a 80s themed Halloween party. He claims that it was easy to make and that you can make one too should your heart desire. Russel even offers DIY instructions here. I struggle making paper airplanes, so I don’t think I’ll be giving it a shot anytime soon, but you D.I.Y fanatics might fare slightly better!

Personally, I wouldn’t want random people wandering up to me at a party and bashing the buttons on my costume, but hey-ho, whatever floats your boat I guess. In saying that, I will not deny the costume has a high level of awesomeness. Ruzenski used a laptop as the screen and a modified Gravis Gamepad Pro as a controller, if you are thinking of making one of your own then you will also need several other things like plexiglass, plastic bathroom corner trim, spray paint, cabinet artwork and most importantly arcade-emulation software!

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