Nike’s Travelling Bus That Uses A Laser To Create Soccer Fields For City Kids!

As part of a campaign to promote their new soccer shoes designed for use on the street, Nike sent a bus equipped with a laser around Madrid, Spain, creating instant soccer fields with laser projections!

Working with ad agency DoubleYou, the bus traveled round to locations and where there was enough space, they created football fields for youngsters to practice their soccer skills! When a spot was chosen for a laser football pitch, a crane would elevate the laser and the pitch lines would be projected onto the chosen area. Continue Reading

Nike Pulls The “Boston Massacre” T-Shirt From Stores

Nike is reported to be in the process of removing all of their “Boston Massacre” T-shirts from their outlets out of respect for Boston bombing victims.

The T-shirt, which features the word “Boston” spattered with blood, of course has nothing to do with the terrible events that unfolded at the Boston Marathon last week. It is actually a T-shirt targeted for fans of the New York Yankees and commemorates a 4-0 series of games in 1978 that the Yankees won against the Boston Red Sox which was dubbed the Boston Massacre. Continue Reading

Mom, Why Do All The Olympic Athletes Have Fluorescent Green Trainers?

The other day I was sat in my local pub, half-watching the Olympics on the big screen, a young child and his mother walked slowly past our table, the young boy’s neck was craned awkwardly as he tried to see up at the wall-mounted plasma screen. “Mom,” he said inquisitively, “Why are all the running peoples wearing bright green trainers?”

I didn’t hear what the mother responded to her child, as they had moved out of earshot by the time she formulated her response, but it made me wonder, I looked up at the screen again, and saw that in the race that was about to begin, every single athletes taking part was wearing luminous green running shoes. Continue Reading

Introducing Nike’s Unlikely New Star: 12-year-old, Chubby, Ohio Boy Nathan Sorrell

The new ‘find your greatness’ advert from Nike has made a chubby Ohio 12-year-old something of a star.

The advert features an uninterrupted long take of the chubby youngster running down a seemingly endless stretch of road in the middle of nowhere. Nathan Sorrell, who is 5ft 3inches and weighs 200 pounds starts out as a distant figure and gradually gets closer to the camera. As he runs, an inspiring voiceover talks to the audience about the myth of greatness belonging to merely an elite few and explains that we can all find our own greatness. It’s become a bit of a hit and now everyone wants to know about this young boy who is the face of the campaign. Continue Reading