Crazy Naked Subway Dude Can’t Decide If He’s A Fighter Or An Olympic Gymnast!

I usually try and avoid public transport at all costs, primarily because I am lazy, I do not like body odor and because all the wackos that use it usually decide they want to be my best friend for the duration of my journey!

But sometimes public transport really can be thoroughly entertaining, especially when you are watching events unfold from the comfort of your laptop and the crazy naked dude isn’t trying to drape his pecker down your leg! Continue Reading

Naked Man Arrested at Portland International Airport

49-year-old John E. Brennan from Portland, USA was arrested at Portland International Airport on Tuesday evening after disrobing at security checkpoint.

According to report from Port of Portland authorities, Brennan was wearing his birthday suit, but then stripped completely naked while going through the security screening area for gates A, B and C.

“Mr. Brennan’s actions caused two screening lanes to be closed and while some passengers covered their eyes and their children’s eyes and moved away from the screening area, others stepped out of the screening lanes to look, laugh and take photos,” the report stated.

Despite repeated requests from Transportation of Security Administration screeners and airport police, Brennan refused to put his clothes on and was arrested.

Brennan wasn’t on drugs or had been drinking at the time of his arrest. He later told authorities he flies often and “stripped naked as a form of protest against TSA screeners who he felt were harassing him.”

The 49 year old was booked in the Multnomah County Jail, missing his Alaska Airlines flight to San Jose, Calif.

(Via Oregon Live)