Maru The Internet-Infamous Investigative Cat Turns 6!

To celebrate the 6th birthday of Maru, the internet-infamous inquisitive kitteh, owner mugumogu posted this awesome montage video that features some of the curious kitty’s notorious antics that took place over the last year.

This is something of a birthday tradition for the adorable cat – a hugely popular internet celebrity whose videos have been viewed millions of times! Continue Reading

Maru Investigates A Bathtub Plug!

Check out the latest video from infamous internet cat Maru, this one showing the inquisitive feline investigating a bathtub plug that is new to his home!

In the video uploaded by YouTuber Continue Reading

Happy 5th Birthday To Maru The Famous Japanese Cat

Maru turned 5 yesterday May 24th and to celebrate this famous Japanese cat’s birthday, Youtuber Mugumogu made this special video ” I Am Maru 4″

I Am Maru