Geek Love: Gorgeous LOTR’s Minas Tritith Wedding Cakes

I’ve seen some awesomely geeky wedding cakes writing for this site, but I think this Minas Tirith wedding cake by Audrey Konyha Vigh might just be the best!

The detail in the piece is just amazing – I can only imagine how much effort went into creating this masterpiece. Looking at it this morning, I was filled with warm fluffy LOTR images of Gandalf and Théoden crusading in to save Faramir and the boys.

Florida-based Vigh bakes all of her fantastic cakes from her home, her dream is to have a small bakery outside of her house. You can see how jam, sponge and other cakey ingredients were miraculously transformed into this beautifully detailed Minas Tirith cake over on Vigh’s Facebook page.

Warning: Looking at this cake will make you want to watch LOTR!

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