Pint Sized Doctor Who Fan Talks of Matt Smith’s Exit

Lindalee Rose is undoubtedly the most adorable Whovian you’re likely to come across on the Internet. She’s been doing reviews of Doctor Who episodes for going on nine months now for the Beyond the Marquee Show Youtube channel, recapping what she’s thought of the seventh season. Not only that, but this lucky four year old girl got the opportunity to meet both Freema Agyeman (Martha Jones) and Sylvester McCoy (Seventh Doctor).

In her newest installment, she talks about the recent news of Matt Smith leaving Doctor Who after this December’s Christmas special. She talks about how she’s sad that he’s leaving, and how Smith was “the most amazing Doctor ever” and all her favorite things about him as the Doctor. And who is Lindalee gunning for as the new Doctor? Tom Baker. While it’s doubtful that we’re going to get a reprisal from an actor who’s already played the Doctor, the sentiment is sweet nonetheless.

Doctor Who Through The Eyes Of 4-Year-Old Reviewer

Check out this really cutesy review of the Doctor Who episode ‘A Town Called Mercy’, by aspiring young reviewer Lindalee Rose who is quite clearly a massive fan of the show. Watch as she waves her sonic screwdriver around to indicate the protagonists in the episode and their relationships (watch it, you’ll do some damage with that thing sweetpea)!

If you like kids with cute voices talking about stuff they don’t really quite understand, then you will love this, it’s great to see her little eyes light up with wonder as she describes the action scenes in the episode! Personally, I love her use of the word ‘knowed.’

Apparently Lindalee has reviewed every episode of the most recent season of the cult show, I’m guessing she didn’t do the season before because her schedule was all tied up reviewing cartoons and other more-age appropriate television, now though, at the grand old age of 4, she is focusing her attentions on Doctor Who!Continue Reading