Mike Stimpson Brings Star Wars Lego to Life in His Photography


If there’s one thing Mike Stimpson excels in, its taking pictures of Star Wars lego. Stimpson has been on Flickr since September of 2006, and has posted six hundred and ninety-two photographs since he first joined. This longtime Flickr user started off his account by posting a mix of nature photography, portraits of material goods, and simple lego figurines; however, the longer he stayed on Flickr, the more he’d share photographs of only lego, usually of the Star Wars persuasion. Stimpson will occasionally still share a nature shot, or perhaps a portrait of himself, but it’s become rare for him to post art that doesn’t involve legos nowadays. While his lego photography first started off as flat and generic, now his photos are detailed and funny. The lego feel brought to life in Stimpson’s photography, as he finds innovative ways to mold them in each picture he takes. Stimpson has also released his first book, Stormtroopers, We Love You, which can be purchased over on blurb for $17.25 (soft cover), $29.31 (hardcover, dust jacket), or $34.58 (hardcover, ImagineWrap).Continue Reading

Attention Lego Lovers: World’s Largest X-wing Model Now Exists


What child didn’t grow up dreaming of having their very own X-wing Starfighter to ride in? One that they could use to fly to far off distant planets (Dagobah, perhaps?), while also fighting off the evil forces of the Empire and saving the galaxy. While this Star Wars fighter is still not a reality and may never be, there is now an awesome life size X-wing Fighter Plane made entirely out of legos (complete with a lego Luke Skywalker inside), which was revealed in New York City last week.Continue Reading

Lego Machine That Sorts M&Ms By Color

Despite the fact that we have been told time and time again that the color of M&Ms makes no difference to their taste, many of us still prefer munching on certain colors. My personal favorites are red and blue and I’m not so fond of yellow! For those of you out there who are as fussy about what M&M colors they ingest as I am, this awesome Lego sorter – could be just the thing.

This video, which was shared by YouTuber “Nxt1engineer”, shows the Lego-powered M&M sorter in action. It uses tone-detecting sensors to identify which color M&M it is dealing with, before sending it to the correct tunnel.

It seems like the ideal way to sort through a festively big bag of M&Ms – this way the entire family’s grubby mitts haven’t been rummaging around in the bag trying to pick out their favorites. But it doesn’t guarantee an amicable solution. In my experience – everyone always wants the red ones, so their might yet be fisticuffs over the M&Ms! Continue Reading