Awesome Scuttling Lego Strandbeest Inspired By Creations Of Theo Jansen

Check out this awesome (and somewhat creepy) scuttling Lego Strandbeest that was created by designer Jason Allemann.

Allemann’s scurrying creation, complete with little minifig at the helm was inspired by the Strandbeest designs of renowned sculptor Theo Jansen.

Watch as it scuttles around the place on its spindly little legs like a creepy Lego insect that you really hope doesn’t turn up behind the shower curtain! Continue Reading

Nathan Sawaya’s Incredible Lego Sculpture Exhibition Opens In New York

Every time I think I’ve seen the absolute pinnacle of masterpieces that can be created with Lego, I’ll stumble upon a creation that once again manages to take my breath away. After seeing the epic Lego Hogwarts a few months ago, I thought to myself that it was unlikely I’d be so impressed by another piece of Lego art for a long while.

But then I saw some of artist Nathan Sawaya’s incredible Lego sculptures that are currently being exhibited at the Times Square Discovery Museum and I was awestruck! Continue Reading

LEGO Movie Unveils Their First Trailer

Lego fanatics will be drooling over the first trailer released for The LEGO Movie which is scheduled to hit our cinema screens in February of 2014!

An all star cast lent their voices to the array of amazing minifigs that appear in the movie, including none other than the great Morgan Freeman (we all love everything that dude narrates)! Joining Freeman, you’ve also got Liam Neeson, funnyman Will Ferrell, Will Arnett, Elizabeth Banks, Nick Offernan and Alison Brie! It was directed by Cloudy With A Chance of Meatball’s Phil Lord and Chris Miller. Continue Reading

Mike Stimpson Brings Star Wars Lego to Life in His Photography


If there’s one thing Mike Stimpson excels in, its taking pictures of Star Wars lego. Stimpson has been on Flickr since September of 2006, and has posted six hundred and ninety-two photographs since he first joined. This longtime Flickr user started off his account by posting a mix of nature photography, portraits of material goods, and simple lego figurines; however, the longer he stayed on Flickr, the more he’d share photographs of only lego, usually of the Star Wars persuasion. Stimpson will occasionally still share a nature shot, or perhaps a portrait of himself, but it’s become rare for him to post art that doesn’t involve legos nowadays. While his lego photography first started off as flat and generic, now his photos are detailed and funny. The lego feel brought to life in Stimpson’s photography, as he finds innovative ways to mold them in each picture he takes. Stimpson has also released his first book, Stormtroopers, We Love You, which can be purchased over on blurb for $17.25 (soft cover), $29.31 (hardcover, dust jacket), or $34.58 (hardcover, ImagineWrap).Continue Reading

Champions League Final Between Bayern & Dortmund Highlights Given Lego Makeover!

Those of you who didn’t get a chance to watch the UEFA Champions League Final between Germany’s Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munich at Wembley this Saturday, can watch highlights of a different kind here as the game’s key moments are given the Lego treatment.

Watch as goals from minifigs that look like Mario Mandzukic, Arjen Robben and Ilkay Gundogan score the game’s goals, with Robben getting the 89th minute winner that meant Bayern got to lift the prestigious trophy!

Awesome LEGO NXT Creations: “The Carousel” That Changes Your Xbox 360 Discs!

Check out this awesome YouTube clip uploaded by zwenkka that showcases the Lego NXT Xbox 360 Disc Changer that was dubbed “The Carousel”.

Zwenkka says that the awesome construct was put together with a friend during the winter of 2012 and early 2013. The pair that created “The Carousel” are just 15-years-old!! Continue Reading

Awesome Fanmade Casino Royale LEGO Stop Motion Video!

Fans of infamous British spy James Bond will no doubt appreciate this awesome LEGO stop-motion makeover given to the pre-credit first scene of the hit movie Casino Royale.

Redditor Duncanmcconchie created the video paying meticulous attention to detail and attempting to recreate the action exactly as it unfolds, but with LEGO minifigs instead of actors Daniel Craig and Malcolm Sinclair as Dryden. Continue Reading

Epic LEGO LOTR Diorama: Helm’s Deep Recreated Using 150,000 Bricks

Check out this absolutely incredible LEGO recreating of the epic LOTR battle of Helm’s Deep that was created by Rich-K & Big J!

This masterpiece is only 90% complete and so far, its creators have already used approximately 150,000 LEGO bricks and 1700 minifigs to set the scene! Unfortunately we don’t have any information about how long it took them to create this colossal LEGO diorama, but I reckon it’s pretty safe to say that it took them a fair while. Continue Reading

Awesome Breaking Bad LEGO Video Game Concept Trailer

Check out this brilliant trailer for a Breaking Bad LEGO video game that was created by YouTuber Brian Anderson. This trailer is epic, because not only does it squeeze in plenty of Breaking Bad references, it also mimics the LEGO video game style superbly! There is something strangely amusing about watching a LEGO minifig annihilate his rivals before popping off into a trailer to cook some meth!

The LEGO video game crew have taken on lots of our favorite movies and television shows and given them the brick treatment, however, because of the adult content of Breaking Bad, it is highly unlikely that they will ever go there! Turns out that Anderson is a bit of expert at parody trailers like this one and he takes suggestions on Twitter @Brian_KA. Continue Reading

Awesome Iron Man 3 Posters Get The LEGO treatment!

Check out these superb Iron Man 3 posters that have been given the Lego treatment by “LEGO Marvel Heroes”! The indomitable Tony Stark and his array of Iron Man suits have been transformed into LEGO minifigs for these awesome posters that were inspired by the Paramount ones for Iron Man 3, which is scheduled for release in movie theaters on May 3rd! Continue Reading